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Automatically detect

The Thomsons need to create a home network to connect their individual computers. The network created would be a peer-to-peer network in which their would be no server and all of the computers would have equal status on the network. The backbone of this network would be wired preferably category5 cable . The network can be made on bus topology where all of the computers will be connected to single backbone wire. Now all of the computers are connected to each other ; what needs to be done now is making the files and printer available on the network for enabling everyone to access them.

As printer is attached to Bobs computer , so Bob just needs to share the printer on the network ; he can do this by right clicking the printer icon in “printers” folder in control panel, and then selecting ‘sharing’. By following the steps then the printer would be shared on the network and then every one would be able to use the printer through the network. As far as access of files is concerned , the Thomsons just need to right-click the file and select share to make it accessible for other people through the network.

And hence they will not need any disk to transfer the files. They just need to go to the ‘shared files’ folder in ‘my computer’ to access those files. Cost includes the technician cost to setup the cabling of about $20 and following are the equipments and their costs needed for creating the network: The computer will automatically detect the network cable and then Thomsons just need to follow the steps to configure the network. And this is how their problem would be solved. References: www. howstuffworks. com www. directron. com/

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