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Caring Adult Roles

Adults play a vital role in supporting and caring for adolescents, who have lost their parents or loved ones, is immense. However, not many adolescents and children maybe close to their other relatives, especially in autonomous societies like America, where there could be minimal interaction between relatives and adolescents may be “thrown” into the company of their close relatives for the first time. In such cases, what is the best way to care for and look after these young adults who are on the thresholds of their lives and have suddenly lost their parents?

During such instance, how should the adults, who have now knowledge about the character and nature of these adolescents who face grief behave and react? Many Teens Are Told To “Be Strong” (Mini-Lecture: Children’s and Teenager’s Grief from http://www. hospicenet. org/html/teenager. html) It is common practice among adults to discourage adolescents from sharing their grief and prejudices play a vital role in this process. For many teenagers, especially boys, sharing their feelings and venting their grief by crying could be taboo.

In such situations, how should parents and adults react? Signs a Teen May Need Extra Help (Mini-Lecture: Children’s and Teenager’s Grief from http://www. hospicenet. org/html/teenager. html) The short summary on the signs indicating the requirement of help by teens is highly educative. It is interesting to note that adolescents will display some signs when they are troubled and grief-stricken. However, there could be teens, who may not reflect their inner turmoil, and yet be under grave depression.

How does one recognize these teens, especially when they do not react to situations and are in the company of strangers who may not know the child very well? Response to suicide and adults by DOVE_KIMMINS KRISTA 4-3-2009 It appears as though this friend was having severe mental health problems and receiving mental health counselling could have helped him in some way. If only he had had received support to vent out his grief, which sometimes takes the form of anger, maybe he would not have committed suicide after all.

Sandra Cantu (8 yr old murdered in California) by HILL LUCIE 4-11-29 I was touched by the murder of the little child and agree that children must be educated from a very young age to be wary of people and instances which may occur. I agree that educating children when they are very young helps in the long run, however, it needs to be done in a caring and sensitive manner or else children can begin to develop fear of the world in which they live, which could have terrible consequences later in life.

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