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College students

College students posses some distinct characteristics that put them at a high risk of committing crimes. First they lack self control. This can be illustrated by the fact that, majority of them cannot overcome peer pressure. The social life in colleges forces many students to act in a criminal behaviour even when they know by so doing they will be wrong. They do so simply to comply with what their friends expect from them. They are always out to demonstrate a spirit of oneness through conformity of group decisions.

Many students are unable to make independent decisions free from group pressure, a situation that puts them at a high risk of engaging in criminal behaviour. College students are very aggressive. They always want to prove how superior they are not only to their fellow colleagues but also the entire society. This mainly affects minority groups who may be harassed or even mistreated by the dominant group in the college. As a result of aggression, racism, tribalism and ethnicity may increase. This will mainly lead to ethnocentrism which may consequently lead to hatred.

As a result criminal acts will increase amongst the students and the college at large. Luxurious life is a key characteristic of college students. Most of them are out to enjoy the freedom which, for a long time, has been denied before they join the college. They always want demonstrate how stylish and fashionable they are. Others claim that they must enjoy themselves since this is the opportunity they have always longed for. As a result they may engage in drug abuse, promiscuity and the likes.

This lust to have whatever they want even when they cannot afford- just to ensure they enjoy themselves- puts them at a high risk of engaging in criminal activities. Research indicates that many college students are stressed. The abrupt change of environment affects them psychologically. They are forced to live with strangers, in a strange place where individualism plays a major role other than the socialism kind of life they have been used to back at their homes. Social classes in colleges also cause more stress to students.

The economic backgrounds that vary among the students arouse the desire and lust to obtain what one doesn’t have. This, as they think, will enable them to interact with each other comfortably. Those from poor backgrounds may engage in theft or alcoholism. Others may become liars and worsen the matter when the truth about themselves is revealed. It should also be noted that some courses are very demanding and in such circumstances the concerned students may become stressed. Stress can also result from conflict among students themselves.

Lecturers and parents may also stress the students as a result of their extremely high expectations and demands from students. (http://news. bbc. co. uk/2/hi/africa/1916969. stm) College students are very optimistic. They are over ambitious, something which forces them to set infeasible and unrealistic goals. They dream about an ideal future which is only dominated by success. To them, failure in life is unthinkable. As a result, slight failure may cause a lot of embarrassment and confusion. The student may respond by acting in a criminal behaviour as a way of covering up their failures.

For instance, a student’s failure to understand a single accounting problem may appear to be a threat to his/her dream of becoming a chief auditor in a firm. This may imply that the students’ future is ‘doomed’ and he/ she is just ‘good for nothing’. This lowers the students’ self esteem and may consequently lead to criminality. These risks can be reduced through the use of the following policies. Students should be encouraged to take leadership roles in religious activities. Compulsory seminars should be facilitated for those people who have been newly admitted in colleges.

For the continuing students, such seminars should be conducted annually. Career counseling and use of academic mentors should be encouraged. This will help students’ to set feasible goals and avoid frustrations. Environmental, social and political issues are important factors to consider when dealing with crime in the society. The population characteristics is for instance an important issue. People from different cultural background may develop a sense of mistrust. This issue is even worsened by the negative stereotypes that the social groups may have towards each other. Crime rate is usually higher in areas occupied by low income earners.

Such people cannot afford basic needs such as food, clothing and proper housing facilities. Their houses are easily broken into by criminals who have no other alternative to earn their living. In such areas, drug abuse is a normal way of life. Such a situation puts the residents of these areas at very high risk of engaging in crime. Low educational level is another factor that increases crime rate in the society. It should be noted that those who have low educational level are not in a position to compete for the available resources especially when it comes to employment opportunities.

This creates a society of economic inequities and leads to class conflicts. The interaction between members of such a country if characterized by mistrust and hatred. The people keep on blaming one another for the problems they have. Domestic violence and civil wars are likely to be reported in such a society. Politics play a key role in functioning of any society. Poor political leadership is likely to be characterised by inequality in both recourse allocation and distribution among the citizens. Racial discrimination & tribalism are also manifested in such a nation.

This normally occurs as political elites seek to maintain their political positions. They usually suppress the people who may threaten their political power. During democratic elections their campaigns are full of promises which require a lot of personal commitments and demands in order to convince the people that they had delivered according to their promises. They interfere with recruitment processes especially in civil service and ensure their key supporters are rewarded with good jobs. In this way unqualified employees are recruited to manage the societies’ resources.

This form of corruption propagated by political elites pose a major threat to security as criminals get a good opportunity to keep benefits from the society using illegal means. Those who have been discriminated against may engage in criminal activities in order to earn their living. They may as well direct their anger to other members of the society as they engage in revenge activities( http://news. bbc. co. uk/2/hi/africa/1916969. stm) Crime prevention in urban areas is very important. Johannesburg was at one time reported to be one of the most insecure cities in the world.

This has raised a lot of concern on crime prevention measures in the city. The following are some of the crime prevention measures that may be applied to solve the problem. There has been poor relations between the police and the society members. Local police stations are also very few in areas of residence. These has increased the number of criminals living amongst members of the society. More police stations and police officers should be deployed to patrol the city. People should be educated in their role to eliminate criminals by providing information that may lead to arrest of such criminals.

Security should be increased in areas which the community identifies as ‘hot spots’ to criminal activities. This involves strengthening the community policing projects(http://news. bbc. co. uk/2/hi/africa/1916969. stm) Modern technology should be used in crime prevention. Surveillance cameras should be installed in the city streets and areas of residence. Houses should be surrounded by electric fences. The buildings themselves should be modernised by not only strengthening the doors and windows but also installing security alarms. All coin operated electric metres should be replaced by upgraded locks and bolts.

This will ensure available cash is safe. Vehicles should be fitted with security alarms and other tracking gadgets. Safe parking houses should be build at subsidized price to reduce the fee charged for parking a vehicle. City planners must be consulted before a building is erected. Political leaders have highly interfered with city planning and this has increased crime in the city. The legal framework does not give crime prevention the weight it deserves. Criminals must be punished according to the weight of the crimes they commit.

Those people who have fire arms should not only be arrested but jailed for many years (not less than ten). Violent criminals should receive a death sentence as a way to deter such criminal acts in the future(http://news. bbc. co. uk/2/hi/africa/1916969. stm) These crime prevention measures will ensure smooth running of the business. The high risk of investments caused by high crime rate has led to high levels of unemployment. The city should operate both during the day as well as during the night. The people should have the freedom to live and work anywhere within the city without fear.

All these individual freedoms will be guaranteed if the measures are properly implemented. Idleness has always increased pickpocketing around the city. This should also be dealt with by the police who must be keen not to harass innocent people. Hawking within the city streets should be banned completely. Respect for life and individual dignity should be the guiding principle. Wealth creation and property security must be highly promoted to reduce poverty and crime in in the city( http://news. bbc. co. uk/2/hi/africa/1916969. stm)

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