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Comparison Of Two Lectures

The two lectures were very informative although each talked of different topics. Dr. J. Collins presented an overview on how the technology commercialization is taking place in the industries. While Mr. Parwaiz Karamat presented the paper on computer industry, networking and education. Both lecturers presented papers that touched on technology and the changes taking place in the industry through innovation. While Mr. Parwaiz Karamat presented the paper on computer industry, networking and education. He said the advancements in technology, education has entered a completely new phase.

The power of technology to guide and improve is without an argument, a boon to teachers and their students. He explained that Learners have choices when it comes to education. Today’s students find a computer screen more appealing and productive than a blackboard. ‘Memorization’, ‘drill’, etc. are history by now. The new methods make children analytical and inquisitive. And the teachers and the traditional classrooms have changed to meet the new demands. Virtual education, diploma mills, virtual universities, electronic universities, etc. are in vogue and are creating wonders.

Technology integrated with education provides additional tools for enhancing the learning process. It provides immense number of learning styles such as verbal, written, spatial, quantitative, graphical means, etc. which helps in the increased participation of the students. While teachers perform effectively, students learn effectively. Computers combined with education give immense output. Checking assignments or writing assignments have become a ‘piece of cake’ with the help of the effective spell-checks, grammar tools, word counts, etc.

Students no longer need to spend massive amount of time in the libraries hunting for one particular book amidst thousands. Internet has made it ‘just-a-click-away’. World Wide Web provides us with everything. Virtual libraries, electronic books, online dictionaries and what not? Technology has made life very easy. Technology’s contributions have indeed increased dramatically over these years. We all have heard about the virtual world. This is the masterpiece in the world of technological innovation. It goes beyond ‘seeing and hearing’. Students are made part of what they learn.

Multimedia makes this possible. There are softwares designed to support learning and teaching. Virtual world combined with internet does an undeniable multipurpose task. This is originally created for distance learning tasks. Distance education over postal means consume time. Getting effective teaching is a matter of doubt. It is no more. Virtuality gives effective communication between the students and the teachers. Works can be assigned to students by uploading the contents. The students, after completing the works, can upload them back.

Videoconferencing is another effective tool that technology has introduced in fixing the communication gaps. Any student can get the guidance of teachers or lecturers from any part of the world. Through this, regular school/college students also are helped. They can keep in touch with the faculties even at their absence. Virtual field trips can be done. Students can visit any museum, zoo, etc. even inside the class room. Teleseminar is an equally effective tool that technology has gifted. For students with disabilities, technology is more than a boon.

Technology lowers the obstacles faced by such students to a great extent. It makes them more independent when they can do the writing, reading, documenting, searching, and communicating without anyone’s help. There are certain software programs that read the materials on the screen and this help blind users a lot. Apart from standard keyboards, Braille input devices are also available. He concluded that With every invention comes the fear of its side effects. Technology in education is also no exception. It is a boon to the teachers. However, it may not be always one to the students.

They become too much dependant on the technology. It is our basic instincts to go behind the easier ones. The absence of an instructor may create frustration among the students. While traveling through the vast roads of the internet, what is the guaranty that they always end up with the right materials? The absence of human beings may make the learners deficient in relating to other human beings. Technology gives the best output but it makes the learners lazy. Human brain is an effective computer. Proper running of the brain is needed for its effective functioning. Technology upsets it.

These do not mean that we need to go back to the traditional ways. The advantages are always more that the disadvantages. A little care and a proper guidance are needed. That can make the conditions better. ABSTRACT. In the world today investment decision play an important role in determining the level at which the business is operating. Seagate Is one of the world leading in design manufacture e and marketing of hard disk drives and storage solutions. The company is based in South Arabia as a collection point and this company is planning to expand their product base in the country.

In order to successfully manage the collection point Seagate plans to import equipments for the purpose of establishing a big and stable collection point for their product they will be able to serve the Middle East market. The proposed equipment to be acquired will have great impact in the profitability of the Middle East segments. Introduction or Background Seagate technologies is company incorporate in the United states of America and has established Riyady collection point to assist in entering a marketing their marketing to their customers in middle East.

The company manufactures designs and markets hard drive disks and storage solutions for desk tops mobiles, and other electronics. Their products include enterprise desk top mobile computing, consumer electronic and branded solutions. The company is a leading market in technology through innovation and manufacture of quality products for the international markets. Their goal is being time to market leader in all continents. Their product is reliable world over. Sea gate is financed by a mixture of equity and debt capital. They incurred $500000 establishing Riyadh collection point.

They Manufacture, markets develops and designs personal computers, related software, computer peripherals, digital music players, services computers and offers networking. They also deal in the manufacture, development, design and market digital music players and related accessories they also assist other companies in the distribution of music, audio books, music videos television shows and games. The company manufactures and sells her products worldwide with marketing segments in various continents. Seagate uses online services, opening segment distribution centers, owns retail shops.

The company has a variety of customers ranging from governments, education institutions, final consumers, business, non-governmental organizations, professionals and research centers for her products and services. Problems and Issues with the service A decision now needs to be taken as to whether to go a head with construction a production plant Riyadh. This is to be based on the expected net present value of the relevant cash flows, discounted at the business estimate of the 2009 weighted average cost of capital of 8 per cent (after tax).

Management believes that a three-year planning horizon is appropriate for this decision, so it will be assumed that sales will not continue beyond 2012. They would require a acquisition of some plant costing $1m, payable on installation, on 31 December 2009. This cost would attract the normal capital allowances for plant and machinery. If the company makes the investment for tax purposes, the plant will be depreciated on a reducing balance basis at 25 percent p. a. starting in the yea of acquisition irrespective of the exact date of acquisition during the year.

In the year of disposal, no tax depreciation is charged by the difference between the written down value and the disposal proceeds is either given as an additional tax allowance or charged to tax depending whether the written down value exceeds the disposal proceeds or vice versa. For the purposes of assessing the viable of the project it will be assumed that the plan would not have any disposal value on 31 December 2012. The first increased sales would be expected to be made during the year ending 31 December 2010.

There is uncertainty as to the level of sales that could be expected, so a market survey has been undertaken at a cost of $100000. The survey suggests that at the target price of $200 per unit of product, there would be a 60 percent chance of selling 10000 units and a 40 percent chance of selling 12 000 units during 2010. In the 2010 sales were to be at the lower level 2011 sales would be either 8000 units (30 per cent chance) or 10000 units (70 percent chance). If 2010 sales were to at the higher level, 2011 sales would be estimated at 12000 units (50 percent chance) or 15000 units (50 percent chance).

In 2012 sales would be expected to be 50 percent of whatever level of sales actually occurs in 2011. Materials and components would be bought in at a cost of $70. The management team currently employed would be able to manage the plant of four, expect that should the project go a head, for managers, who had accepted voluntary redundancy form the company, would be asked to stay on until the end of 2012. Which the business would require of them form time to time. If they were to agree to stay on they would receive an annual salary of $20000 each.

They would also receive lump sums of $35 000 each on 31 December 2012. Production and sales would not be expected to give this to any additional operating costs beyond those mentioned above. Working capital to support production and sales would be expected to run at a rate of 15% of the sale value. The working capital would need to be in place by the beginning of each year concerned. There would be no tax effects of changes in the level of working capital. Sales should assume to occur on the last day of the relevant calendar year. The corporation tax rate is expected to be 33% throughout the planning period.

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