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Definitions of policy, process and path of workflow

Policy is a principle that guides or influence the decision making process on various activities to be carried out. It can be used in business, government and political parties. Process is a series of activities or actions followed especially in bringing about of a result such as a product. Path of workflow is a way through which linked activities or chain of operations pass through. Main body

Physicians are aware of policies that govern their scope of profession, for example, in states that allow physician assisted suicide the physician are only allowed to provide the patients with the necessary information or lethal substance . The physician does this having in mind that the patient might take the prescription (Mechanic, 2005). However, it is the patient who administers the lethal prescription to her/himself . The physician is not allowed to give the patient that prescription because that is then termed as euthanasia, which is a crime.

What happens is that the patient has to write a request to the physician in presence of two witnesses who must not be family members. The next process is that the physician has to consult with another physician for the prescription of the lethal substance and the final process is that the patient will take the drug (Wolper, 2004). Conclusion Policy, process and path of workflow are related in a major way because every medical action that is done has a scope that is guided by the law.

The activities must go through some certain steps to have a result and all this is guided by a path of the workflow (Lehmann, 2006). In a profession like medicine, omission of a policy, process or a path of workflow can cost a life. REFERENCES Lehmann, M. (2006). Data access in workflow management systems. Fairfax, VA. IOS Press. Mechanic. (2005). Policy challenges in modern health care. Piscataway, NJ: Rutgers University Press. Wolper, F. (2004). Health care administration: planning, implementing, and managing organized delivery systems. Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

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