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Different methods of interaction

It is our exposure on different methods of interaction that people begin to realize the significance of how society affects our view of reality. By understanding this perspective, it can help us gain necessary insights on how outcomes are achieved and how it creates the perception of ideas that contribute towards growth and development. This is one process wherein individuals adhere to the policies and objectives leading to the formulation of new ways to distinguish and take part into the interplay and dynamics of reality. One experience that I can actively relate with one concept of sociology is riding the bus or any public transportation.

In everyday, as we try to go our separate destinations, we take these methods and do not realize the dynamics and interactions happening. This can be associated as a personal experience and would entail subjective reactions and actions. However, with careful analysis, it can be interpreted accordingly to the realm of sociology. Seeing this, there is one theory that can be associated with practice – symbolic interactionism. In understanding the work of G. Mead, it outlines explanation to the level of interaction experienced by individuals under the personal setting.

Giddens and Griffiths argued that this idea “springs from a concern with language and meaning” (p. 22). It is through this that people ascertain symbols and ideas concerning a specific practice or action. It is through this that a specific value is associated to a particular action that then is denoted into the creation of norms, rules, and standardization of processes associated with society (Macionis, p. 24). Applying this in the experience of riding public transportation, symbolic interactionism is seen and showcased in a diverse way as individuals related or not continue their interaction with other people in various forms and ways.

With the actions portrayed by individuals in a particular setting, it creates specific outcomes that in time become an important factor in shaping standards and norms (Giddens and Griffiths, p. 24). In addition, the overall idea of public transportation relates to symbolic interactionism. This can be explained by the overall framework of how “public transportation is constructed. Under the sociological perspective, it showcases how the constant interplay of people from different places goes into the city and work. It is through this constant interaction that an institution (public transport) is created and developed.

It is in here that the common goals and interests of each one becomes significant and used as a tool and instrument for improvement. One example that symbolic interactionism can be applied in the realm of public transport is during the way people line up while waiting for the bus. In this manner, the action exhibited by people in the environment is rooted on the principle of first-come-first serve. This then shows how people take into consideration the relevance of people being there earlier than them. It is through this informal understanding that a norm is established and fosters specific guidelines that people follow (Macionis, p. 38).

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