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Economic Factors and Sociological Factors

It is intriguing to learn about the correlation between economics and sociological factors in aligning the occurrences of various events and concepts. People indeed exhibit varying behaviors, which is dependent upon the culture and environment to which they are exposed. These patterns of behavior of the people within a certain group or community make up the norm and the standard rules applying what is acceptable to the group as individual role in concept, driven by demands of expectations of a particular organization.

I completely agree that the sociological factors taken into account by particular groups or organizations to enhance performance and relations are directly influenced by the presentation of the economic aspect that is involving benefits and incentives. People are in ways motivated to perform when there is relevant advantage and therefore as a group, individuals produce high performance. These economic factors in ways dictate the occurrences to include the behaviors of individuals in the society.

The culture plays a significant factor in achieving the goals that is geared towards social advancement in the context of identifying the maximum potential deemed beneficial for the individuals so as to motivate them within a group to work for progress. Hence, it is important to recognize the correlation between sociological factors and economic factors to open the gateway for social advancement.

For most parts of the concept presented in the post, I have strongly agreed to the details that was discussed and towards the end, I further agree to the author’s critique that indeed the economic factor is only one facet in motivating an individual to perform. There are other factors to consider, which may be determined subjectively and that is the difficult part of the measurement to arrive at a conclusive effect.

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