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Essay on the Passover

The Passover is a Jewish and Samaritan celebration wherein the people commemorate God sparing the Israelites from the Egyptians. The festival is followed by the seven day Feast of the Unleavened Bread which remembers the Exodus of the promised people from Egypt, which ultimately led to the freedom of the Israelites from slavery. Probably the most striking thing about the Passover is that Moses asks the people of Israel to continue the celebration. This is done as a reminder to the people of Israel that they were once bounded to slavery by the Egyptians.

Three verses in the Bible highlight this instruction of remembering: Deuteronomy 16:12, Exodus 12:14, and Exodus 13:3. These passages all point back to what the Lord has done to the people of Israel, on how he has delivered them from the “house of bondage” (Exodus 13:3) and this can also be seen as a way for the people of Israel to not only remember their exodus from Egypt, but also that there is a God that looks after them and has made with them a covenant that they become the promised people.

This can also be understood as a way of God showing his power over all things, that is why it is important not only for Moses, but for every believer to remember this feast. Sadly, in present day society, the Passover has lost its meaning. We can say that yes, it is still celebrated up until today, but it is not as relevant to the people as it was during the early days. In this modern world, the Jews already enjoy the modern way of living without them fearing for their lives, or the lives of their children and relatives.

Also, presently, there is no more threat of slavery, which leads me to believe that the celebrations of the Passover differ from the time of Moses to present time because of the evolution of society. Nowadays, Jews and Egyptians interact as co-equals and not as master-slave, and this may be the most important reason for the loss of the meaning of the celebration – the significance is no longer there because the times have changed and human society has evolved. Bibliography Passover. Southern Baptist Messianic Fellowship. Retrieved April 1, 2009 from http://www. sbmessianic. net/Pesach. shtml

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