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About EssayEdge

You wrote an essay, but you don’t like how it sounds or not sure that it’s good enough? It looks too sharp or shallow? You want your work to receive an A but don’t want to cheat and turn to custom writing website? and its expert team will help you to make your paper flawless.

The main purpose of our website is providing editing and proofreading services! We don’t write the whole thing for our clients, and we don’t rewrite your essays, we just apply several grammar, structure or format corrections, and make sure that your essay will be the best!

How we work and what we do

Our service is unique in the market of college writing services. We are not engaged in illegal activities and don’t offer our customers not licensed products. Here is a quick review that will give an idea of what we offer and how it works.


  • Grammar. Our Editor will carefully read through your text, and eliminate all the grammar mistakes that you made. This may be an incorrect spelling of the word, not right sentence structure or format or skipping any punctuation mark.
  • Check for the tone and style of the text. Each author has his own style of writing, and it’s good because that what makes you different. It can be compared to handwriting – we all use the same letters, but visually our handwriting looks completely different. This service assumes us to re-read your text and analyze it to make sure that the whole text is written in your unique style of writing. If we find a piece of text in which you have deviated from your style or mood of the paper, we can rewrite or rephrase this part.
  • Preparing for an interview. Any applicant worries about the interview in a college, university or any other school. That's why we offer our customers the opportunity to prepare for the interview in advance to be ready for every question you may be asked. The process of preparation goes in three stages: 1. You send us details about your application to the educational institution, which describes your personality and also requirements of the chosen university. 2. Our educated and competent staff will analyze the information that you gave to us and prepare the questions that you are likely to hear on the real interview. After we prepared a list of questions, we will hold a 1-hour interview trial over the Skype to see how you can handle it. 3. After the fake interview, our experts will analyze your answers and your behavior during it and prepare a detailed report for you. We will send this document to you via email. In the report, you’ll find highlighted your strengths and weaknesses so that you could understand on what areas you still need to work a little. Consultation. We will advise you on any of your questions over the phone. It will give you a better understanding of how you look from the side and, if necessary, how to change your communication or writing style so that you could easily pass uncomplicated interviews, tests, and other writing assignments. reviews of the site and its functions

The website of our service is a convenient and feature-rich platform on which you can find everything you need.

The first thing that we would like to draw your attention to is the section with our essay examples. You can get acquainted with the style and quality of our work, written by our specialists. Note, that not every sample text is written from scratch because, as we provide editing services, some of these examples were simply proofread and edited.

By collaborating with our company you not only getting a perfectly written essay but also have the opportunity to learn directly from our authors to improve your writing skills.

In the section Meet The Editors you will find all information about people who work with us. Our professionals have extensive experience in writing college works. All of them are very educated people; many of them even have more than one university degree and work as tutors in schools.

In the contact section you can read all of the contact information, see the direct phone numbers. We want you to call our company and or contact our consultant online whenever you have any issues, and we will answer all your questions regarding our service.

Prices for our services

The cost of our service depends on the type of service selected by you, the volume of text and the time frame that you can give us for this assignment. Prices for editing start from $10 per 100 words of text. Our regular customers get coupon for a discount that will make your stay on our service more accessible and enjoyable.

Why using our help

We are the legitimate company that provides assistance for college and university students and other people who are engaged in writing activities.

Almost 20 years of experience enables us to achieve excellence in all your works. We give you the opportunity to be yourself and to use your ideas in writing essays or other works.

We know that writing a literary work takes a lot of time and effort, and sometimes you just don’t have any energy left to edit your paper. Our company aims to rid you of such a headache. We don’t offer you to relax and wait until your work is done by someone else; all we do is making sure that you can make your paper even better and help you with doing this. As the result, a high grade that you get from your professor is entirely your merit!

We will be happy to help you!