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April 2016

I asked writer to do my essay and make it snappy… as result he just messed it all up


April 2016

What can I say, I received my order on time. Everything with the work was okay, except one – the writer forgot to add subheadings as I asked, this completely ruined the structure of the text and I had to give additional week deadline for revision.

About Essaywriters service is designed exclusively for writers. The focus of this website is custom essay writing. The service offers a decent pay for freelancers and generous coupon for the best workers. reviews, which you can find on various platforms of independent networks, once again proves his honest work with writers, because the feedbacks about our site are only positive.

Cooperation with us

Our service is working on a freelancing basis, which gives us several significant advantages over conventional sites:

  • Our writers can select an order themselves, rather than the customer chooses them! It is very convenient because this way you can be assigned to the work that interested you just by clicking the icon of the selected order.
  • A Lot of work for everyone. If you start working with our company, you won't have to seek for work at different sites, or wait until the customer contacts you. Our service takes the responsibility for client search while all you need to do is to choose the preferred assignment!
  • Flexible Schedule and freedom of choice. Our writers can work as much as they want and choose the order themselves. All we require from you is to deliver a high-quality product within the specified period. Everything else is completely up to you! You can work as you want and where you want. You can forget about what it means to have a full-time job because now you'll be your own boss!

Favourable labour conditions and wages

Service offers writers high rewards for completed tasks: Seven days deadline cost $4-10 per one page; Four days - $5-12; Two days - $6-14; 24 hours - $7-16.

The payouts are made twice a month via the following payment methods PayPal, Wire Transfer or Skrill.

The website

To start working with us, you need to go through a quick and straightforward registration. Online support is available twenty-four hours daily, you can contact us via live chat or direct telephone numbers.

After your application for partnership with our platform was approved you can check out review of available assignments and apply for ones you like.

Let's work together

This site is an excellent opportunity for additional income! With us, you don't have to work full-time, you can manage your time yourself, do what you enjoy and get good money for it!