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Essential elements of leadership

Persuasion in my opinion is one of the essential elements of leadership. It is an art of taking a subject from its place to somewhere you want to go; showing the subject factors that would influence ones thinking and emotions to appeal to your objective. To understand more about persuasion I think that we should start with the subject. I believe that persuasion affects a large proportion to the subject’s emotions. Persuasion does not play very effective in ones logical thinking.

The subject is in a state or a place where he/she is comfortable with; a state where the subject usually has placed roots and has come to establish a sense of comfort. Understanding your subject’s current state is vital to the outcome of your persuasion. There are three forms of persuasion; Ethos, Logos, and Pathos. Ethos is also called ethical persuasion; it is directed to a person’s credibility. It is highly dependent to the person’s reputation, which I think plays a lot of passive persuasion.

Logos or logical persuasion is targeted to appeal to the subject’s logic. Pathos or emotional persuasion targets the subject’s emotions (anonymous, (n. d. ), forms of persuasion). I am looking at persuasion from the perspective of leadership. And leadership calls for a lot of credibility. Lies or deception is a poison to ones credibility and therefore to ones leadership capability. Persuasion effectiveness is therefore lost.

It will definitely inflict harm to a person or organization, because like what I said the process of persuasion involves detaching the subject from its comfort zone. You can only do that by gaining the subject’s trust, it will be in a way dependent to you will it is in the state where you “persuaded them to be. Persuasion is an element of leadership; and leadership has a foundation of credibility. Any form of deception or lies will cripple you and your subject.

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