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Family History

I am a white Caucasian with a colorful family background. My family originated from different parts of the world. My mother is of Irish descent while my father, German descent. Because of their different cultures, I am introduced with a lot of cultures from both sides, which certainly played a great part in the formation of my character. As far as I can remember, both of my parents raised me to recognize both cultures which they came from. From my German blood, I became very appreciative of artistic works like paintings, sculptures and more.

At one point in my life, I was very attached to Classical music, which has been a part of a German lifestyle ever since the time of great composers like Bach and Beethoven. From my Irish side, I inherited the love for festivities. I remember how my family treated every holiday as a very special occasion which should involve every member of the family. This is what has brought us closer to each other as far as I know. The best model of assimilation that can be applied to our family was Anglo-Conformity (“Americanization: The Theory of Anglo-Conformity,” 2002).

This is because our family was able to blend in to the popular culture. Despite the differences in my family’s origins, we were able to unite and become a single entity, which is the family. We were able to adopt the different lifestyles in the place we live in today. We don’t consider ourselves different from other people and despite this; my family still has our cultural values intact. Pluralism on the other hand, shows that there are different cultures evident in a certain society, which is not applicable in our case (Reynolds, 1996).

Our family is different from that of Hang Sou because their migration to the United States was very abrupt. It was a life changing step since they are introduced to a totally different country which they have no idea what’s in store for them. Because of these things, everything was difficult for Hang Sou and his family.

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