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Family Rituals

The family is the basic unit of the society. Many of the developments in the community start with families as they develop into particular elements to build a nation. In some cases, families depend on their traditional rituals in order to strengthen the bonds of each member. Theses rituals are considered to be the main lifestyle factor that can nourish the relationships among the family generations. Basically, I strongly believe that family rituals really provide a better way for family members to connect with each other.

It does not really involve a complicated perspective to notice that but rituals can help the family become closer because of the activities’ ability to make the members do something worth of their time. These rituals do not necessarily have to become a communication or emotional type of bridging tool. What is more important is that a ritual can help each member realize that he still belongs to a particular unit of family no matter what his social status may become. On a personal perspective, the major family ritual that I can think of which my family has been doing for so many years is the simple fact of having to eat together.

This type of activity makes it possible for each of us to still get in touch with all other family members outside of our personal day to day activities. I may be off to school for at least eight hours; my siblings may be in their respective other personal activities while my parents may be attending to company work all day, but when it comes to having at dinners together makes up for the lost time that we should be interacting with one another. These types of simple gastronomically satisfying activities can help in checking each member during the time of the day when everyone was out of each other’s sight.

Moreover, family dinners provide a good way for family members to have simple and relaxing conversation which I believe becomes the main ingredient in stronger family ties. One more type of a family ritual that I really think have contributed to our stronger family relationships is spending holidays together. These types of occasions even extend out to other generations of both sides of my parents since more relatives are present during special holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. This larger unit of celebrating family members in our case makes it possible for long lost connections to become alive again.

Aside from the excitement of getting some news on how each one of us were doing in our lives, having a get together family holiday affair helps us create a simple life again just like in the old days when problems are lesser and life is really not that complicated. Having some chit-chats and sharing foods truly make a holiday become more special year after year. Family rituals may not be for every family for some of them regard these as unnecessary and corny activities. However, it is really still possible to see some great benefits in having a delegated ritual which all of the family members regard as something important.

These rituals make relationships more special and that they can actually help in establishing a person’s positive outlook towards life. Basically, an individual’s perspective towards life can be attributed on how he was raised in his family unit. Therefore, if one is connected with a family which still enriches the core relationships of each members, then that person can always have the confidence that no matter what happens in his life, he will always have a family which will accept him and will serve as a refuge for all the troubles this world could bring.

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