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Famous speaker critique

This is a speech which was spoken By Professor Wangari Mathai to the Boys of Kanga High School in the assembly addressing his own fellow colleagues. “The Principal, Deputy Principal, the Staff, The subordinate staff and my fellow Students, Good morning? First of all I take this chance to give thanks to the Almighty God for a gift of life and allowing us to live this day. It has been remarkably noticed the far demarcation of the influence of speaking first language in most of High school in destructive way other than constructive way.

We are all aware that we are also victimized By this catastrophe disastrous of the first language speaking. I have take much of concern to way the benefits of and defects of this so called mother tongue speaking in high school and for sure we going to share the outcome of what were the founding. We can agree all of us that we have spoken first language within this learning institution whether you or I being heard or not and there is no exception.

But of which you or I may have spoken out of concern or out of sensation. The fact now is to abolish it or not to support its sporadic spreading or to smash it down, to vanish it or to bare and live with it forever. We may be worried about the source of this first language and why it came if it was not a tool of communication more so making communication much easier since there is no psychomotor of measurement on how spoken but conveyance of the message.

I came up with the merits and demerits of the speaking of first language in relation to the individual performance of the Student. The merits of speaking first language were: First it promotes the culture and neglecting not your culture. By speaking it holds and creates the continuation of the culture, which is prudent to do. Secondly it helps one to enhance communication with the elders whom didn’t access the other native languages. This makes them not to feel that the have been neglected and left behind by the first moving technology.

Thirdly, it helps when one has been assigned in translating to first language from any other native language. Acknowledging the importance of knowing mother tongue leads to escape of embarrassment and avoidance of shame when not acquitted with your first language. In addition it is used to classification of tribes since each tribe speaks its own first language although there is some correlation of other tribes. The cognitive resources clearly play the central role in the rapidity and ultimate success of every individual.

The demerits of mother tongue depends on a number of factors such as the Motivation, the contextual factors that determine amount of knowhow from the type of exposure of the environment effecting the acquisition of knowledge process and in most situations its is more likely to drawback the performance of the student. The First demerit is that the first language affects the two dimensions of proficiency which are attribute-based and input-based aspects of every individual. The cognitive and personality of every individual varies which is considerably to quality and quantity input from the environment of exposure.

The Purpose is to elucidate the extent to which the two aspects are affected in the two dimensions. Mother tongue does not give credit to somebody being paralinguistic if not bi linguistic, simply because it’s not examined anywhere for certification hence can be termed as a luxury to acquire it. Secondly it affects the eloquence of speaking and the proficiency in writing skills and it was found that it is negatively proportional to what fluent both spoken and written native languages. In extension it lowers the understanding of exam questions and affecting the result performance of the individual.

This demerit rises when the interactive verses edited text, abstract verses situated content , and reported verses immediate styles with high personal involvement and real time constraints does not take interest in permitting considerably editing and high explicitly of lexical contents. Imagine where a school leaver goes for an interview and the spoken language does not reflect what is on the paper hence the question of impersonalized results triggers the mind of the interviewees since there is no valid evidence that the results on the table reflects the inside of the holder.

Even if wax is wax whether in liquid or solid since the shape, size and weight is the same, to clear the doubt ought to produce the valid and indisputable evidence of ownership. The written comprehension considerably and affirmatively tests your achievements more often. Thirdly Speaking mother tongue reduces the personality of the individual in matters of speech due to lack of eloquence and influential of mother tongue brings spelling mistakes which is more often in writing.

In addition of the demerits the indisputable speaking of mother tongue leads to misunderstanding between different brought up spring since not clear in speaking what you real mean hence lowering the communication skills. The significant correlation of the merits and demerits shows clearly that the demerits of influential speaking of mother tongue in High schools have disastrous effects on the individual performance. We do acknowledge the trial of speaking and acquisition of native languages than no trial for somebody to know his/ her own weak and strong point and more so acknowledge correction on the way to perfection.

In conclusion I do beseech all of you since we have seen the consequences of influential speaking mother tongue language to decease the use of it since it will drawback as from unleashing our foreseen dreams. You and I will only achieve the goals in life if we only join hands against the use of first language in the learning institution. Let’s not convict our mind on this barrier of performance but diversify on the self/ mutual benefit at the end of the excessive struggle to enjoy the fruits of our labour in a sophisticated manner without fear.

Let us not deviate from being focused and determined to success. Thanks. ” BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. The Art of Public Speaking 9th Edition By Stephen E Lucas (1991) Chapter 15 and chapter 16. 2. Language processing by Ellen Bialystok (1991) RECYCLING IS NEEDED FOR THE FUTURE OF OUR ENVIREOMENT The speech was delivered by Dickson Licorn the Environment specialist. I was quite impressed by the topic of the speech and the way it was presented to the targeted audience at the right manner, right audience, right moment and the appropriate place of delivery.

I am interested in recycling because I strongly feel that is the only way that we can save our future environment. We need to seriously focus on the measures to impose in order to stop people from wasting precious environmental resources like air, water and land. I am very impressed on the concern of Dick about the environment since the world will grow up in and a lot more years to live in it than the present grown ups. He surely decided to find out what you and I feel about our environment and the anxiety to save our environment for the future.

On delivery of the speech Dickson’s objectives was to clearly define whether recycling is a good idea, whether throwing things away is wasteful and environmental pollution, whether people should be fined if they throw refuse/waste products away instead of recycling them, whether recycled materials should have a refundable deposit , whether being busy is no excuse for not recycling, whether disposable nappies should be banned, whether carrier bags should have a refundable deposit, whether people should be allowed a maximum of 700 litres of water a week in order to avoid water wastage and whether no one should be allowed to cut down trees unless they plant a new one first. It is very interesting to investigate and know what others think about recycling and I do wonder what will happen in the near future if we have not to recycle now, today or presently.

The rate of disposing the wastes is very high as compared to the rate of recycling for the future environment. Implementation of environment rules and regulation should be an immediate effect because our future environment will be grabbed from us and then for us to be strangers living in the strange land. It has encouraged me to contribute endlessly towards recycling and saving the future world because of the following reasons. First, recycling uses less new materials whether man made materials, leading to less exploitation of resources which is very beneficial. Secondly, recycling uses less energy input as compared to processing the new ones.

Thirdly, recycling keeps the wastes out of landfills hence minimizing their size and the environmental impact. Think of air pollution hurting our lungs and causing other diseases, think of cutting trees housing animals ( it’s animals habitant ) hence imagine the world without trees, world without animals imagine of a bare land. I do appreciate that the world’s future surely depends on recycling and if we do recycle now the world will have the brighter future. The accumulation of the garbage, the cumulating effect of the greenhouse gas emissions leads to horrendous climatic effects developing to climatic change, acid rain and ozone depletion extending to be the globe problem.

If plastic bottles were recycled it could save the world from landfills, from the emissions while producing new bottles, think of recycling glass or aluminum which takes 4000 years to decompose could save the oil used to make them and reduce the depletion of natural resources. Desperate earth is where we live now, exposed to the guilty of air pollution such as car exhausts, industrial fumes and all sorts of chemicals we daily use ranging from the deodorant around the house, thus the factors causing air pollution are countless not forgetting cigarettes smoke, carbon dioxide, deforestation and the much debated odourless radon gas all have accelerated the problem of environmental pollution. The situation is becoming extremely serious every day and unless we all make the efforts to diminish pollution and support recycling, the chances of survival on the planet will become desperate.

There is already a bell ringing around the world due to melting of glaciers, due to global warming and which has threatened many countries, the gases trapped in the atmosphere has prevented ice from cooling hence acting as the barrier for the surface of the planets affecting the global climate, but its foundation is the fact of not recycling accumulating to the garbage which has led to all this. In conclusion we have to rejuvenate the environmental consciousness and awareness of care, reduce the level of ignorance and be committed to an environmental-friendly lifestyle. We will only survive for the future if only we recycle materials today and its only through recycling that we can have a brighter future.

Reference: 1. The Art of Public Speaking 9th Edition By Stephen E. Lucas (1991) 2. Language processing By Ellen Bialystok (1991) Published by Cambridge University. 3. Recycling is needed for the future of our environment By Paul Waan. (1998)

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