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Feedbacks to Students’ Posts

Reply to first post: Various states, in every way possible, will tend to recognize the disturbance caused by state regulations that can affect the trade. Each state acquires advantages from tourism as well as other international transactions like trade since it can contribute to the economic growth. On the other hand, the states do cause some violations against WTO laws. An example is product dumping. It is a process wherein lower prices are charged than its prices at its home base. As a result, financial losses will be incurred by the manufacturing country.

Some states may be against it while some that gain benefits from the said process practice it. Cases have been filed to the countries that comply with product dumping. Moreover, the United States, for example, had faced several complaints from other countries with issues of product dumping. WTO may cross some goals of the United States but basically, the body simply aims to have a fair treatment in international transactions across the world. Reply to second post: From the given definition of GATT in the post, it is obvious that it is meant to facilitate free trade under favorable circumstances.

In line with China’s issue of counterfeiting, the TRIPS Agreement under the umbrella of WTO acts as GATT’s weapon against the illegal manufacturing of goods. In reality, counterfeiting cannot easily be eradicated. The case of Chinese consumers in their preference of counterfeit products is still prevalent in other countries. The said regulation caters the protection of intellectual property rights which are applicable in the copyrights of music and movies. Piracy in VCDS and DVDs does not only affect the manufacturers of original goods but the respective industries as well.

It is definitely ironic that the purpose of eliminating trade barriers to provide easier trade can give rise to problems. TRIP, NAFTA and GATT all face questionable positive and negative feedbacks from countries that are encompassed by the governing bodies. References: World Trade Organization. Understanding the WTO: The Agreements. Anti-dumping, subsidies, safeguards: contingencies, etc. Retrieved May 13,2010, from http://www. wto. org/english/thewto_e/whatis_e/tif_e/agrm8_e. htm Sahai, S. GATT/WTO and TRIPS Agreement [pdf file]. Retrieved May 13,2010, from http://www. genecampaign. org/Publication/Article/IPR/GATT-WTO&Trips. pdf

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