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Fees Should Not be Mandatory

Many of students lack the time or desire to participate in campus activities. In addition, there is opposition to the Activity Commission’s contributions to political groups on campus. This argument even prompted a 1999 lawsuit against the University of Washington, raising the question of whether or not the “allocation of mandatory fees violate the First Amendment Rights of public-university students when it forces them to subsidize political speech they find objectionable.

” (Schmidt, 1999, para. 3). Negative Repercussion of Mandatory Activity Fees Continuing to charge mandatory activities fees puts the University at risk of criticism by Free Speech advocates, resulting in unflattering portrayals in the press. In addition, those who are forced to pay fees for facilities and activities they will never use or participate in experience resentment that may effect the entire mood of the student community. Time for a Change

Allowing students the option to contribute to an Activity fund will alleviate any ill will among students, and protect the university from any possible political repercussions. Students who choose to participate would most likely agree to an increased fee, insuring that the fund remains healthy. Sincerely, (student name, signature) References Carnegie Mellon University. (1009). Carnegie Mellon Student Activities Fees. Retrieved April 4, 2009 from http://www. cmu. edu/policies/ActivitiesFees/html

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