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Film Passenger

David Locke, a noted TV journalist is unhappy with his personal life, marriage and work, as he is failing on every front. He visits the deserts of North Africa, to meet the rebels, and here, his contacts abandon him. Frustrated, he changes his identity to Mr. Robertson, who is already dead, and was staying in the same hotel. Locke, disguised as Robertson, returns back to Europe. Mr. Robertson, apparently, is an arms dealer, and many governments are after him, as he has been supplying arms to the rebels.

He manages to escape from the throngs of government agencies, courtesy his girlfriend, who was very fluent in Spanish and French languages, he is ultimately caught by thugs, and assassinated. ( The passenger (film) ) This film primarily deals with the psyche of a man who fails on all fronts of his life, at a given point of time. The central character of this film, Locke, fails simultaneously in personal and professional lives. This makes him extremely desperate to change his own identity. This reflects the psychological effects failures can have on a human being.

This film is all about the steps taken by a man who has failed miserably, and is left alone because his companions have backed out. The loneliness, injects lot of fear and desperation. The step taken by him lead to a disastrous end of his life. Its all about frustration brought about by failures. The last seven minutes long shot, tells about Locke’s assassination in implied way. It begins with showing Locke on the bed in his hotel room, pans to the exteriors of the window, and again comes back to the room showing him dead. Many technical difficulties were faced while filming this shot.

The director gives so much of importance to this shot and its details, because he wants to communicate the assassination, in an indirect and implied way. The contrast of the darkness of the room and the brightness of the exteriors in the same shot, also add to the visual appeal of this shot. This shot has become historic for film analysts. ( The passenger (film) ) References : 1. The Passenger (film ), Wikipedia the free encyclopedia, 29 August 2007, Retrieved on 22 September 2007 from : < http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/The_Passenger_(film) >

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