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Florence Nightingale’s Principles for Nurses

Many patients who visit the hospital come in due to an emergency or period of crisis. The nurse then serves as a facilitator of learning so that the patient may acquire the necessary knowledge and information that are geared towards health promotion. The role of the nurse as a teacher and educator is very important as patients gain more knowledge regarding their condition and as such, will be able to make better decisions regarding their health status.

Educating patients also serve to prevent complications and further illness that may result from ignorance and lack of crucial information regarding the disease process, medical management and necessary interventions 2. A nurse does not `graduate`, but continuously learn through his or her career This principle is especially significant nowadays as technology rapidly advances science and discovery.

Everyday, there is a multitude of researches and studies that seek to prove facts and dispel wrong beliefs. It is important therefore that the nurse be able to keep abreast of current literature, findings and advances in the medical field so as to provide a comprehensive and a high quality of service to the patients. 3. The nursing curriculum should include both theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

The nurse should be equipped with the necessary knowledge that will aid in better decision making so as the care rendered to the patient is correct and will be beneficial. However, the nurse should also have a certain amount of experience in the clinical field as this develops critical thinking, competency and the necessary skills in delivering high quality of patient care. It is through the clinical practice of nursing that nurses experience firsthand the concept of Caring, an important concept that nurses should learn by heart.

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