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Food preparations

#1 (Daniel Pollaccia): You are absolutely right. Parents nowadays would rather buy what their children want them to because of several reasons. Foremost among these is the economics of the thing. If parents insist on buying what they want their children to eat chances are either their children would refuse to eat them or they would just be picking on their food and leave most of it on their plates. Parents do not want this because then money is wasted. And if parents are working, they usually cannot spend enough time with their children to educate them on proper nutrition.

Television exerts a stronger influence on children of today because they spend more time watching television than talking with their parents. This is why advertisers – especially of junk food and food preparations targeted at children – are bidding each other out for the right to sponsor children’s shows. The item about sugary foods, however, is not only disturbing because children might get addicted to them – the greater danger is the obesity that results from overindulgence in sugary foods.

#2 (Gy eun Shin): Yes, obesity among children and adolescents has already reached epidemic proportions in the country since a few years ago – this has been in the news and even discussed in academic and health journals. Every well-meaning American has since expressed his/her concern about the problem. And one of the primary reasons why this has been happening is what you referred to as a case of parents “losing control [over] their children’s diet. ” Early nutrition education, as you suggested, is very important.

However, parents are in a perpetual competition with the massive advertising campaigns being waged by producers and marketers of junk, sugary foods – and appear to be losing the battle. It’s high time that educators help parents out by doing their job as molders of children’s values. Legislators should also be pressured to enact laws which not only prohibit companies from advertising their junk foods but also disallowing them from selling the same in school canteens and cafeterias.

#3 (Audrey Ross): I agree with you that for the sake of their children, parents should see to it that they exercise their authority and assume control in deciding what groceries should be purchased. If they allow their children to have complete control in choosing what food to buy or what kinds of meals to eat, it would be impossible for them to guarantee that their children grow up healthy. Children are not yet fully knowledgeable about what proper nutrition is supposed to be.

This state of naivete leaves them very vulnerable to the relentless assault being waged by makers of junk foods through their massive advertising campaigns. This being the case, children should not be given free rein in choosing their food. Once they are allowed to have their way, they stand the risk of becoming obese and suffer from all the attendant illnesses of being overweight. In this connection, parents should educate their children about proper nutrition and start feeding them fresh fruits and vegetables as soon as possible.

I also agree with you that parents should not seek the easy way out and make fast food the daily fare of their family. #4 (Bradley Cross): Yes, obesity among children and adolescents has already reached epidemic proportions in the United States. This unfortunate situation has made it compulsory for parents to stop giving in to their children. It is high time that parents accept the fact that it is not enough that their children eat with gusto. Although it is every parent’s desire that their children eat with enthusiasm, they should ensure that healthy foods like fruits and vegetables are served in their homes.

Of course, this will meet with some amount of resistance from their children. Nevertheless, they should remain firm and focused in teaching their children about proper nutrition. For instance, they should painstakingly explain to their children the dangers of ingesting too much sugar and fatty foods and the consequences that they would be facing by becoming overweight. Children are not that difficult to teach, train, and mold. They should, however, understand that their parents are doing everything with their health and well-being in mind.

#5 (Stephanie Sawin): You are absolutely correct: kids would end up overweight if parents completely lose control over what they eat. This is why parents should never allow their children to have complete freedom in choosing what they should eat. It might not be a bad idea to let them do the choosing from time to time – especially if they deserve some rewards like for good behavior or good grades. However, this should only be a special treat and should not be done every so often. I also agree with you that children should not be targeted by junk food makers for their unhealthy foods.

Parents should organize themselves for the purpose of exerting pressure on American lawmakers to come up with legislation prohibiting junk food manufacturers from advertising their products. This way, children will not be exposed to unethical marketing campaigns. Another thing that parents should be wary of is the fact that children who become extremely obese just cannot find it in themselves to lose weight when they grow older. Determination becomes so weak that even health professionals are having difficulty helping them.

This is how obesity reached epidemic proportions in the United States. #6 (Hrag Kozanian): You have just articulated every parent’s concern over their children’s dietary needs. I hope every parent hears your statement i. e. , “I will want nothing but the best for my kids and until they are old enough to make their own decisions I feel that it is my responsibility that they consume the right foods. ” These are just the right words of encouragement that present-day parents need to fortify them in their struggle against junk foods.

Although you may be right about the emergence of a trend towards healthy lifestyle and the slowly thriving health food industry, I fear that the makers of junk food would not just give in without a fight. With an already massive capital gained from conditioning children’s minds into eating the high-fat snack items that they keep turning out, these people could be expected to go all out to maintain their market position. With this confronting us, I hope that parents remain resolute (like you) and insist on their parental responsibility.

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