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French Wine Regions

There is more to France than just the City of Lights. For both tourists and wine connoisseurs alike, French wine country is some of the most breathtaking and delicious in the world. Whether traveling through the historical and coastal Bordeaux region to get your red fix, or wandering through the medieval walled town of Saint-Emilion, or the mountains of Alsace, you are sure to taste some of the most renowned wines in an unparalleled atmosphere. For the adventurous and independent travelers the possibilities are nearly endless.

For those who appreciate knowledgeable sources there are plenty of guided tours. Of course, there are in-betweens as well. For many, the trip begins in the historical region on the southern coast of France to taste the world famous and unique Bordeaux. This area has been a wine trading center since the 12th Century and continues to draw many a wine fanatic. There are five different wine routes that will take you inside the historic city as well as to the surrounding vineyards.

The best times to travel is late spring or early summer, but beware of the throngs of tourists. Another great region to get a feel for French wine and history is the northern, inland region of Burgundy, an area famous for it’s, you guessed it, deeply rich burgundy grapes that go back 1,000 years. Surprisingly, this area has produced some of the best white grapes as well made from Chardonnay grapes. Try them all by traversing the five wine routes in the “place of the sun”.

For those of us who want to visit places without too many tourist traps, try checking out the bordering region Alsace which has belonged to both Germany and France in the past. This area is famous for the distinctive white wines produced at the legions of mountainous vineyards. Take in the breathtaking views, the hybrid dialect and the local flavor for a truly unique experience. There are plenty of other famous French wine regions; these are just three that warrant mention and accolades.

No matter which ones you end up exploring and appreciating, you will surely have plenty of great stories and an increased knowledge of wine history to impress your friends and family at the next reunion. For traveling options and advice, a great resource is Wine Travel Guides. They provide you with maps, guides, links and insider knowledge hard to come by anywhere else on the web. Outline I. Introduction a. Opening statement and attention grabber b. Guide for plan of essay II. Body – Highlight of regions a. Bordeaux b. Burgundy c. Alsace III. Conclusion a. Wrap-up and rehash b. Link to travel advice

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