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Future of modernization

The following paper gives a brief discussion of what modernization is and how is it affecting U. S. When social and economic variations are achieved through industrial growth and development of common person’s lifestyle, this is what we called modernization. Modernization also refers to change in old fashioned societies, which alters there philosophies and conventional approach. There are both pros and cons of modernization in this world which causes an argument between societies. Currently in this time frame modernization is related to technology.

In a broader view modernization relates to a big change in industry. Nowadays the people of America want to do work fast, quickly and professionally. This is the period of technology, it is the world of computer, every thing has to be done in a new way, the input has to be minimizing as compare to output. Everyone is looking for new and simple thing. Today the whole lifestyle of people of US is going through a change, citizens are moving from farms into cities because of further employment opportunities (John J. Macionis, 2006). Consequences of Modernization:

Regrettably, modernization contains a positive side we appreciate and a negative side we disregard. It has vast views. The constructive views of modernity were renowned throughout its glory days but, these days, its unconstructive views have turn out to be ever more prominent. Traditional perception inspected the dilemma practiced in the heir condition of misshapen kingdoms as just in-between, since complexities that time-honored civilization would conquer as soon as they stimulated, liberated of the oppression of imperialism, throughout the essential periods of progress.

This all happened throughout early ages of modernization. These confident prospects unnoticed the unconstructive views of modernity which is referring as para-modern, to be precise the unnecessary consequences of modernization. People were merely unsighted to the para- modern views of modernity which have forever there. People regarded them as rest of the pre-modern world, like leftovers of conventionality, or like the outcome of anti-modern services or “evil kingdoms”, people considered of them like defy which might be conquer exclusive of yielding modernity, just for lessen the apparent problems that were ever-present.

Whilst lacking to grasp that the para-modern is as modern as the ortho-modern, people jousted on windmills, like Don Qui xote. Para-modern views are in the same way as greatly a creation of modernization as the ortho-modern accomplishments that people excusably honor. Like most of the people think, that the depressing consequences of modernity. The para-modern and the ortho-modern exhibits connection, from its beginning. And two of them are similarly “modern”. Hence this view is very necessary so as it uphold numerous recurrences (Hans Blokland, 2006).

Due to modernization several positive aspects have come up in today’s world. The cost of production have gone down which leads to good being available at a lesser price, also the quality of the goods has improved a great deal, which is caused mainly due to the increased efficiency that is caused by the use of modern machinery and methods of production. Although modernization has had positive impacts on earth but we cannot ignore the negative consequences for modernizing since the starting of the industrial period.

With the earth go modernized majority of things are distorted. Some of basic consequences are air pollution by winding nasty air to cities, and use of plastic bags which is very harmful and cause different problems. Also there is a reduction in the requirement for labor which leads to a job cuts. Along with that the prevalence of terrorism is also a consequence of modernization (Richard Peet, 1991). Modernization noticeable in United States Society: In four unlike perceptions, modernization manifests itself in the United States, as discussion regarding the behavior.

Matures are getting further conscious of the forthcoming. People have more varieties than yet now. Societies are getting lesser. And Individual options are getting more plentiful. There is an abundance of personal choice and the diversity of the society has grown a great deal. Let’s explain the word modernization in America with the help of an example such as “parents”; the public would be more modernized if they disobey their parents, which is totally against the Chinese civilization.

As if we compare Chinese and Taiwan custom so there is no big difference, Chinese and Taiwan traditions are almost same. The theory of modernization reflects a big effect on educationalist. The educationalist background of America and China predicts that American educationalist is more modernized as compared to Chinese. Modernization is expected to prolong In the United States: Through the developed period modernization was conveyed from the time when civilization had just developed and finished frontward with growth.

Growth and modernization go side by side in the progress of country. Individuals with facts power for further, were on no account let go, as soon as modernization conquers grip in a country. As it is a fact that person wants to know more as more an individual knows. So surely modernization would remain forever (Ronald Inglehart, 1997). Modernization A World Wide Trend: The modernization is coming up to be a worldwide trend. Though, nevertheless majority locations of the earth are modernized and yet few locations which have still to be affected by the modern traditions of the earth.

It is just a fact of period. To capable the people of immature nations for contend with the established nations in the world today. The immature nations would shortly get up to date homes, schools and computers. Today, modernizing the whole earth is speedily seemly a certainty which did not aspect achievable 40 or 50 years before. Therefore, the universal modernization trend may perhaps ultimately recognize in only some years (Mary Tyrer, 2008). Theorist Best Reflects My Perception of Modernization:

I believe I unsurpassed speak about Max Weber after perusing the different community theorists, concerning the respect he told of the awareness for the necessity of revolution, conscious there would be divergence that would go together with trouble and divergence revolution would carry on. What is likable to me about him is fraction of what had for all time been the model. As his awareness that revolution every time would occur at a price whether it displays itself as national disturbances divergence or further variety of mess for need of revolution.

The individual should be a cheerleader thus to converse as Weber knew it was worthy to contain a facade individual or people to obtain the communication no matter what it may possibly be share out. Individual who think in what people attempted to revolutionize. He was nice adequate to have each one to pay attention to him or her. Despite the fact that, I cannot declare that, I am 100% following Weber’s entire viewpoint. He is an individual which I sense is adjacent in the way I sense as regards the simplification of civilization (John J.

Macionis, 2006). Conclusion: Modernization is here to stay, especially with all the new technology that is available for individuals. All the modernization has made life easy for individuals and thus all the negative consequences are left in the background. With modernization, the world is coming closer and the quality of life is improving with every passing day. Modernization is here to stay; people continue to strive to learn more and more, so there is no chance that people will move away from modernization. References Macionis, John J. 2006.

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