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Getting to know you

Writing a research paper is like going through a level of intense knowledge where we learn a lot of things which seems very easy to us but in real life they are quite different and difficult as well. In this paper my focus is upon people who entered in a late adulthood which starts from 60’s and beyond and going through different transitions or changes like health, re-location and retirement. But here I’ll be focusing mainly upon the changeover which is retirement.

The reason I’ve choose this option is because I’ve seen people now a day’s don’t focus on these people who entered in third stage of their life and they don’t know when they’ll be called by god. By going through a lot of studies and interviewing a lot of people of the age group of 60’s till onwards I’ve came through certain points that people of this age group are going through transitions positively as well as negatively.

By saying this that people are going through positive change is in a sense that they are happy to reach this stage of life where they have no worries, they don’t have responsibilities and they are happy of their past life achievements. Now coming to the point that people who feels negative about entering their last stage of life, they are having issues like isolation, and feels that they are not a part of society now and not satisfied of their past life they want to achieve more. Summary:

When doing my research I’ve came through a person whose name is Ronald G. Bodkin age 73. He was a professor of economics in the University of Ontario located in Canada. Originally he was not a Canadian he is American born in 1936 in Pennsylvania. He completed his graduation from University of Pennsylvania and in his sixties he came to Canada and became the resident there. Ronald is now a retired person for almost seven years after serving in University of Ottawa for about 25 years.

In his interview he said that “it is difficult to make up your mind that now you are old and this is your age to retire but as the time passed I coped up with this thinking of spending my leisure time in activities which I wanted to do and I’m fully satisfied with my life. Further he said that now I feel more satisfied of my life because I get more time to study n read books and still in a year I get five journals regarding several issues.

I’m happy and pleased with my life because still I got lot of things to do. ” Psychoanalysis As Erikson’s development theory of last age or late adulthood in which he gives the theory of integrity v/s despair. In his theory he made an analysis that after reaching this stage people may fall in two different situations i. e. integrity which means peace of mind that whatever you’ve achieved in your life you are happy n pleased with it. You don’t have any regrets.

On the other hand he also said that people might fall in the situation of despair in which they feel rejection or denial of things, not satisfied of their life and have regrets of their achievements and goals . Based on Erikson’s development theory my analysis would be that Ronald G. Bodkin is spending his life with integrity. He is content of his achievements, spending peaceful life with his books and whatever work he is still doing. He doesn’t have any regrets or a feeling of rejection. Work cited: Myers, D. G. Psychology. Worth Publishers, 2009

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