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Ghandi and Savakar

As per the text, Gandhi states that the leadership of the Indian parliament is like a prostitute since the parliamentary leaders try to direct this institution according to their individual wishes. The leaders try to accomplish their party desires and not the wishes of the people. Further, they come and go and are thus always changing. Gandhi also explains that the White people teach about modern civilization which is essentially Satanic. This is because the Whites follow the Bible, which according to Gandhi, is not honest (Swaraj 157).

The Whites thus change their views frequently. He also says that civilization has introduced the phenomenon of people working in unsafe places so as to make others richer. Further, Gandhi states that due to mechanization, man has become very destructive. This is because mankind just needs to hide behind a hill and kill many persons by the mere use of the gun. In addition, Gandhi explains that civilization has led to people not taking heed of morality and religion for they consider it a superstition. The people’s main business is thus not to teach religion.

He continues to state that it was civilization that led to the spread of the use of drugs in the entire world. Regarding this, he explains that men around the world have become very weak due to the effects of the ‘disease’ of civilization. This ‘ailment’ has caused women to leave their traditional ‘offices’ as home ‘queens’ and thus become working machines in the unfavorable factory environments. Moreover, Gandhi claims that people are turning away from their God due to the pursuit of riches at the expense of following God.

He states that the religious books teach that humanity should remain passive concerning worldly treasures and be active in search of Godly ambitions. Concerning the field of medicine, Gandhi explains that the doctors give patients sedatives to make people think that they are well, thus introducing the erroneous belief that all is well. Human beings make medicine with tabooed specimen according to the culture of the Hindus. Further, Gandhi claims that the civilization has led to the subdivision of the entire land of India into different regions.

This phenomenon contrasts with the one that was experienced by the early people who used to travel all around the nation. The forerunners were fearless as they were guided by their religion and their places of worship. Gandhi states the true civilization is the mode of conduct which leads man to the point of duty by observing morality of human beings. On the other hand, Veer Savarkar emphasizes the involvement of politics and patriotism in the leadership of India. He explains that the armed forces should fight for liberation of their motherland.

Following his teachings which were told in the camps, the armed forces organized themselves to fight for the release of their men in England (Sarvakar 154). The civilization that Gandhi is against thus ultimately led to the fight for the independence of the Indians from the hands of the Whites. Savarkar’s advice via the text led to the unification of the Indians as they stood to fight for their national independence. He knew that so as to get what was required to heal his country; it was a must for bloodshed to take place. Further, many had to lose their lives with the country being devastated.

Many people died in the fight for the independence of their motherland using the foreign tools that were made from other nations. Savarkar urges all the religions to unite and speak about the oppression from the White oppressive demon that is robbing India. He explains that the Whites are destroying the holy religion. Works Cited Sarvakar, Vinayak Damodar. Selections from the Indian war of Independence 1857. August 18, 2010. https://eee. uci. edu/10z/28150/savakar/Savakar. pdf Swaraj, Hind. August 18, 2010. <https://eee. uci. edu/10z/28150/gandhi/Gandhi. pdf>.

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