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Ghosts of Rwanda

The overall content of this movie is state crime. This movie has served to bridge the gap between abstract and distant cases to people from regions far from Rwanda, as well as those who are born years after the Rwanda genocide. It explores the importance of respecting human rights. It explores the experiences of those involved in the Rwanda genocide. It also voices out their calls for redemption. (Rothe & Ross, 2007)

This movie has extensively exploited the history of the situation in Rwanda during the war and the outcomes. It exposes the conflict that existed and the cause of the conflict. The movie has a vivid picture of the emotional sufferings of the victims of genocide. It provides an array of facts on the impact of civil conflicts and sate criminology. It has succeeded in highlighting the motivational and opportunity factors that lead to state crimes like the Rwandan case.

In this movie, the case of Rwanda genocide was as a result of explosion of a suppressed hatred fostered by lengthy years of tribal marginalization by the former government. (Rothe & Ross, 2007) This government favored one tribe and oppressed the other. When the marginalized tribe came to power, it sought to eliminate the once favor tribe. The film highlights the issues of opportunity and enactment patterns by the regime to accomplish the genocidal crime.

The film casts are seen discussing the discriminatory impacts of the existing regime and they vow to revenge once they get the power. This movie portrays the issues of dealing with offenders and the victims of mass criminal acts. The movie captures the scope of the genocide, and the role of every Rwanda in perpetrating the genocide. (Rothe & Ross, 2007) The film then illustrates rationale ways that states need to adopt in response to such types of crimes. It shows the varied systems of accountability for a country to heal and proceed with life.

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