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Grooming a Shih Tzu Puppy Dog

As creatures of social capability and capacity, generally and naturally, human beings want and wish companionship and affection. Human beings have showed and displayed different characteristics and qualities which reveal how they express such innate feelings that constitute the softer side of how they are built. With this, the most fascinatingly evident of such need in social revelations has been with animals—chiefly with domesticated canine comrades.

They are regarded as man’s best friend, the most commonly held truth by many, more appropriately by dog owners, lovers, and enthusiasts of all breeds. It is even most fascinating to realize how human beings erected a culture which wholeheartedly cares and even glamorizes concern for household pet dogs. The financially advantaged even invest a fortune on them. Hence, grooming and bathing practices and process have grown in popularity and indispensability, specifically with a Shih Tzu puppy dog. Process Analysis Essay: Grooming a Shih Tzu Puppy Dog

In grooming a Shih Tzu puppy dog, there are very basic necessary requirements and processes which need to be kept in mind at all times. In terms of materials to be used, having a well-bristled brush is most important to ensure that a Shih Tzu’s coat is well cared for. The most essential obligation of grooming is a thoroughly combing process, which naturally begins at the Shih Tzu’s head. Using the well-bristled brush, in the most gentle yet effectively employable fashion, brushing the eye area should be done.

Taking into consideration that Shih-Tzu may express their being unwillingness to comply as they are very energetic and truly hard-headed by nature, a steady and strong hand must be ready to handle the burst movements that the dog would manifest, especially when the bristles are within the sensitive vicinities. If the hair length in this area is impairing the dog’s vision and is reaching contact with its eyes, it is best to trim these with scissors to avoid any irritation that it may ensue thereafter.

Also, clearing out any mucus or morning glory build-ups within the eye area with a clean, dry towel would be most appreciated by Shih Tzu, for this hinders their full vision faculty. This build-up must be checked from time to time, for hair and mucus build-up is not a good condition for a Shih Tzu, not only exterior-wise, but it may also cause some unwarranted nuisances that could have been avoided in the first place. After the eye region has been taken care of carefully, the pup’s ear is the next area to handle.

Just like the dog’s eyes, the ears of a Shih Tzu are rather sensitive and leaner in anatomical structure compared to other dog breeds. It is top priority to identify accidental and incidental interweaves of hair from every part of the coat throughout the rest of the body of a Shih Tzu, which recurrently happens more within the ear region. Hence, it is important to the address this situation, with again, thorough combing.

Also, hair inside the ears should be removed, if not by the owner himself or herself, by an expert dog groomer, as this is a more delicate process which should be truly handled by a professional. As the ear region is finished, the mouth region is the next area to groom. Just like all the other regions, the hair around the mouth requires thorough combing, but if it should grow beyond manageability which gives any sense of anxiety to the dog, it must be tidied to avoid prickly hygienic situations, especially when it comes to the Shih-Tzu eating its meals.

Within the transition of the different regions of the dog’s head and face, it is of crucial importance to check routinely and methodically for any manifestations of boggling rashes, scars, and any other physical anomaly, especially in the head and face area which are most sensitive to a Shih Tzu dog. When all is checked within this area, combing the neck down to the body to ensure no hair knots have formed would be the next focus. It is vital to be consistent and ever-aware of the physical condition that Shih Tzu pup is in, as compared to the last time it was groomed, which may have been not so long ago.

Hair tangles and knots should be steer cleared from because it not only gives the owner a more difficult time when bathing the dog, but it also becomes an issue of upholding and appearance when not properly followed through and maintained—aesthetically and eventually, the dog would not be presentable and would be most inviting for fleas, ticks, and other parasitical pests that thrive on untidy, unkempt household pets. Key attention to the Shih-Tzu’s legs and feet should be given appropriate gentle brushing as well.

The nails of the Shih Tzu must be kept and cut—keeping it too long could cause unnecessary wounds as the dog occasionally scratches its sensitive ears, but should not be trimmed too short either, for its sensitive nail composition may in itself develop into wound and may lead to bleeding. Finally, the bottom and tail region must be given the same utilization of time and effort—making sure there are no tangles and hair is kept to a manageable length, both for the owner and the pup. This would be most important when the pup would decide to carry out its lavatory business; less hair would aid this with convenience and comfort as it is done.

This inspection should be done on a daily-basis to ensure that no potty baggage has wedged itself in the bottom hair regions for the sanitary and health safety primarily of the Shih Tzu and owner as they share the same home and lifestyle. This overall process, though in similar undertaking, must be done with great deal of devotion and love. In every sense, Shih Tzu puppy dogs depend on their masters to take care of them, as in return, they would only make sure one thing: that their ever-showy and warm disposition in communicating how they care and appreciate their owners would be unswervingly present as yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

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