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High school

I have always believed that the decisions we make in life would become beneficial in our growth as individuals. There were certain instances in my life that helped change my perception about the things around me. One of the most memorable experiences happened when I was in high school. I had a pet dog for several years, and he has been a part of my existence for as long as I can remember. We were always playing, and doing things together. Eventually, my dog got sick and he died. I was about to start a new year in high school at that time, yet I was embraced with all of the heartaches that life had to offer.

I did not know how to go on with my life. The loss of my greatest companion came in tune with the demands of high school. I could definitely say that I was not in great shape at that time, yet I struggled to pursue what was deemed from me. There were instances wherein I would opt to sit and eat alone, and give myself some time to think about what has happened in my life. Yes, I was uncomfortable when mingling with people and my self esteem was extremely low. I had this negative impression that the people whom I become close to would be taken away soon after good memories have been formed, just as it happened when my dog died.

For this, I rarely went out with friends, and just opted to stay at home. Little did I know that I was isolating myself from the rest of my social world. Eventually my closest friend approached me and talked to me about the disturbing attitude that I was exhibiting. She/He said that I was being too harsh on myself, and that I deserved so much better. At first, I took this on a negative note, yet after some explanations, I realized that I was competent enough to shine in my own field. He/She also made me realize that I have wasted the past few months of my extraordinary life wallowing on the loss of my dog.

NAME OF FRIEND also told me how worried my parents were becoming of me as each day passes. At some time in my life, I had to accept reality and move on with my life. NAME OF FRIEND even gave me an ultimatum that if I did not fix my life, he/she would leave me forever. These realizations became an eye opener from my end, for I was able to see how much I have thrown in my life. I began to ponder on the actions I have exhibited for the past few weeks, and the possible solutions that I could give myself. Each day that I went through was a challenge, for I did not know where to start and what to do.

I had to fight all of the negativity formed so that I would be able to rise up and start anew. Eventually, I was able to get a grip of myself and move forward with my life. Little by little, I tried to show how much I could give others through the simple things that I do in life. As each day progressed I would open myself more to others so that the may have a glimpse of how I am as a person. In my own will, I would approach people, and offer my services. I became very attached to children and how to make them feel better.

There were times when I would research in the internet and try to find different techniques as to how I could care for the young. As much as possible, I wanted them to have fun when they are with me, so as to make the experience memorable. Through the simple baby sitting that I did, I was able to help numerous families. I started reaching out in my own family, by caring for my young cousins, nephews and nieces. When I gained enough confidence, I was able to reach out to others who needed my help badly. The only difficulty I had was when I was in the presence of dogs.

The sight of them would make me feel nostalgic and think of my own friend. There were times when I would see him in the eyes of other dogs. But I guess I have to accept the fact that he has gone to a better place. Wallowing over his death would only make things worse for both of us, and it would be better if we would just accept reality. I struggled for some time, yet I felt that I also had to live my life to the fullest. The experiences have made me realize other things. Death of a loved one should not be considered as a hindrance for success.

Rather, the pain should be used as an inspiration to work harder and achieve our goals. Furthermore, I believe that the different approaches of people with grief should be taken into consideration before being criticized. It is not right for others to just conclude things that they do not know much about, yet there should also be some things to be considered. I could say that the things that happened in my life in the past have helped me to view life differently. As of now, I believe that I am slowly recuperating from the heartaches that happened in the past.

I am now 21 years old, and taking up NAME OF COURSE from the STATE NAME OF UNIVERSITY. I believe that the education that I would acquire from the institution would help me to pursue my dreams and aspirations. Although my dog, NAME, is no longer here with me, he was able to change my life differently. His loss has opened more doors of opportunities for me, and I was able to show the world how different things may be. I have learned how to value life by enjoying it to the fullest and accepting things as they are.

Heartaches and emotions would come and go, and it is up to us to cope with them accordingly. As I go on with my life, I would always be thankful for the things that happened in the past. I am who I am now because of my imperfections and inabilities. I have learned to view life differently because of everything that I have been through, and these would help me to improve my craft and work harder. Life is indeed filled with numerous challenges and changes—and these comprise the very core of who we decide to be in the future.

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