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How Gifted is a Gifted Child?

Every day, a million of babies are born all over the world. The birth rate is considered 3 folds of the death rate in most of the countries. With that, the possibilities of having a normal baby are still big and having an extra special baby is rare. It may not be detected upon the birth of an individual but the signs that a baby is special or gifted are evident at the age of 2 or 3.

The technology enabled the doctors, scientists, researchers and even parents find it easy to deal with gifted children who may be above the normal capacities of the baby, say for memorization, speaking and other skills that can exhibit the big difference among other kids or babies. Technology also offered many tools and strategies in order to make parenting of a gifted child efficient. One example is the article of Andrew Mahoney that talked about the challenges and some tips on parenting a special or gifted child.

Moreover, new born screening is a development in the field of medicine specifically in pediatrics. Babies are tested if they can have normal growth as they grow older. The test also looks for signs if the health of the baby is good or bad giving advices on how to correct the babies diet. However, it is not with new born screening that gifted children are detected. Defining the gifted children Gifted children are those who perform tasks and activities with exemplary quality at their given ages.

More often than not, these children had the normal way kids are raised but show their abilities in different fields in a different way. Some say that their children started learning to read at the age of two then took the pre-school at the age of three. Most gifted children excels intellectually that many graduate at an early age or are accelerated a number of times. From an article entitled “Characteristics and Behaviors of the Gifted”, it discussed that gifted children apparently have earlier stages of learning than with the normal ones.

Also, gifted children has longer concentration period compared with a normal child; they can actually understand contexts whether it is verbal or not using some clues from the selection or the environment; inquisitive in nature and are willing to take the tasks of older people; they prefer being with the older people than with those of their ages for they understand more complex things. Learning activities of the gifted children are faster.

According from that article, their prowess in abstraction, conceptualization and synthesis go well. As they are keen learners, they absorb the necessary information well and understand them directly. Memorizing is not a problem for them for they have large storehouses of information. Educating the Gifted children References Mahoney, Andrew. 2008. Goodness of Fit: The Challenge of parenting a Gifted Child. Retrieved 1 December 2008 from http://www.

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