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Human existence

Information is at the centre of human existence. We live in a world that is driven by information. Building on this idea, it should be pointed out that we act on what we know. Who we are and what we will become is reliant on the information we have. Most of our decisions are made based on the information that we have at that particular period. Thus, information is power. Although information can be gotten from several places, the mass media is a sector that is responsible for the majority of the information we have.

According to research, an American child is exposed to at least 40, 000 adverts a year. This is part of what forms our knowledge base, belief system and ultimately how we react to issues. The aim of the mass media is to solely persuade people with the aim of changing the way they think or feel about something. The human system is conditioned in such a way that most of what we know is derived from what we see.

Although several people have argued that the audience of the mass media is aware of the fact that what they are viewing is fictitious, this argument defies the truth about the way in which our minds are conditioned. What we see is relayed to our senses and is processed by our brain. These processed data form a huge part of our knowledgebase and directly or indirectly affects our perception of things (Sellnow, 2009). From the foregoing, we can see that it is the mass media that possess the strongest impact on how the public perceives something that is new to its culture.

When there is a new idea, the advocate of the idea resort to the mass media to sell their cause to the public. This is because they know that the media hold the power of influencing the thoughts and beliefs of the people. More than any other method of relaying information to the public, the mass media has served as a viable way of successfully selling new ideas over the years. The most powerful factor in using the mass media is that most of these ideas would be imbibed unconsciously because of the persuasiveness of the mass media in its presentation.

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