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Innovation of my life

Life is a set of experiences that act to shape ones perception and experiences in a given way. Though the completeness of the statement could be open to discussion its relevance to my life is out of question. I moved to Ottawa in July of 2004 to complete my studies and learn English, in addition to coming into a new community it was the first time I was separated from my parents. In addition, I had to take care of my little sister. The ability to take on multiple duties that I have since developed is relevant to undergraduate studies. The role of taking care of my sister and I molded by sense of responsibility.

Taking care of a teenage girl requires their involvement, my sister will soon be graduating from high school and I take pride in knowing that together we made it this far; this kind of collaboration is required in studies and application of academic theories to the real world. Environmental protection has always intrigued me. My participation with environmental groups will not only generate awareness in Queens but also in societies I interact with. Realization that morality and ethics are important to environmental protection led to a development I consider the most important innovation of my life.

A good environment is more than just trees swaying with the wind or birds humming to the sunlight, without proper morals and of ethics man will still be the leading threat to the environment. Inclusion of morality and ethics in my high school’s environment club is a result of a proposal I put through. Though this is a different approach to environmental conservation, its relevance cannot be questioned for humankind is held by morality. Such approaches are important in dealing with challenges and harnessing opportunities in education.

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