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Invisible God

1. Give a justification for expressing the invisible God in a visible, painted form (as with art). A big problem regarding modern Christian behavior and rituals is the difference between the Jewish ones to which Christianity one belonged. But the really big issue is the representation of God in art. One of the commandments clearly states that you shall make no craven or painted images of me, a commandment that has been violated by many Christian artists including Michelangelo who dared to even paint “God the Father.

” On the other hand if we take into consideration the fact that many consider Jesus to be a prophet and not god incarnate (like the Muslims and some Jews) then it would not be illegal to have images of him as it is not with Moses or Abraham. However it is interesting to note that the Muslims do not allow images of the prophets including Jesus. Unfortunately the question regarding making images of God and Jesus is a great theological problem between the branches of the three religions that worship the same god.

Nevertheless it would be logical to conclude that a forgiving god should look with clemency upon such technical details and be stricter on murder, theft, abuse of power and the destruction of the planet. 2. What is the problem with saying Jesus took on the punishment due to humanity? The problem with Jesus taking the punishment for humanity is as usual in matters regarding Jesus as god/prophet and/or historical figure the disagreement between the Jewish and the Christian Messiah.

The Jews never expected the Messiah in the way the Christians see it and the problem regarding the scriptures is the fact that they can substantiate both theories even though it is obvious that Roman influence changed them drastically. So, the Jews did and do not expect a messiah than will bring absolution and salvation and change the law. They expect a messiah that will reaffirm the law just as Jesus claimed he will do. (1)

So if the Jewish messiah does not die for the forgiveness of our sins so Shouldn’t Jesus but he should reaffirm the eye for an eye law and not change it into turning the other cheek. In other words the fact that Jesus died for us absolving us from all our sins by accepting him as the personal savior; is in direct contradiction with the Jewish belief that all will be punished for their wicked deeds no matter the religion. 3. Though Jesus was a peasant with no political power, how has he come to be regarded as a king (Christ)?

This question is one of the most interesting regarding the confusion of the scripture translation. The Greek word Christ was translated from the Jewish Messiah meaning the anointed one. And even though the word Christ means the same the meaning was amplified to mean savior and god in human form by the Nicaean Creed. This actually shows that Messiah could be anyone ranging from a king (like David), prophet (like Moses) or even the savior as the Christian Jesus.

Whatever his official title is, one thing is sure and that is that this anointed one was to descend from the line of David, as the prophecy foretold and as Jesus stated himself. Even though the problem regarding Joseph as the father of Jesus still persists, he certainly was accepted as Joseph’s son in his time and therefore a descendant of David. That just by itself was enough to gain the support of the people during the rule of Herod who was not popular and was not from the line of David.

Not to forget that Jesus had important supporters like John the Baptist and since he did perform good deeds for the people, the word spread fast and his popularity grew at a breath taking speed. One must not forget that even though the scriptures might be falsified and Jesus might have never preformed a miracle he was an extraordinary man who could be compared with Martin Luther King or Gandhi regarding peaceful and loving ideas in the time of war and greed. 1. Mt 5. 17: “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. ”

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