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It is indeed true, that “great passions can elevate the soul to do great things”.

We require passion, every day in our lives, to work, “to strive, to succeed” and “never to yield” (Alfred Lord Tennyson’s Poem: ‘Ulysses’). Passion denotatively means enthusiasm, zest and a drive for doing something, and as such is of crucial importance for existence. For, had it not been for passion, Bill Gates wouldn’t have achieved the success, they enjoy today. I am a major in international relations and am extremely passionate about film photography. To me, life is very similar to a roll of film because, when you take a photograph, it becomes history and cannot be erased.

Similarly, life too is like a continuously running film which cannot be erased, but its memories can be held with us all our lives, through films and photos. Through photographs, we can taste the sweet memories of our lives forever, and go back into the yesteryears. Photography has enabled me to look into the depth of the surface of subjects rather than appreciating them for their superficial appearances. As such, I have now begun to observe things more closely and carefully.

My passion for photography increases with practice and has enabled me to be critical of myself so that I can achieve perfection. This drive for perfection in creating makes my works more enjoyable and fascinating. With every photograph I shoot, I feel like a creator who has captured moments and turned them into eternal works. This ability to capture moments forever also makes me feel like a magician who transforms reality into eternity, so that nothing can change it and it stands the tests of time and change.

The passion to shoot photographs leads me to find out what I really like and this passion results in deep interest in nature and all that surrounds me. I have become extremely alert and have developed an eye for detail, even the minutest of details fail to skip my eye. Photography has also triggered my passion to travel to new countries and destinations so that I find appealing and interesting places to shoot and capture. This hobby to travel has also triggered my interest in people from different cultures and communities, the places where they live and the surroundings in which they survive.

Thus, I can surely state that my passion for photography has given me a new zeal for life, a desire to live and to find novel locales and people so that I can capture them not only in my memories but also in my films. This passion has also made me a more sensitive, persevering and tolerant person. The alertness and mental agility required to be prepared for any instance which might require my attention has geared my mind to be prepared for any situation and instance in life and more importantly appreciate the good in them, so that I can capture the good.

In order for me to retain this passion for photography has also made me aware that I order to capture good photos, I must toil for the appropriate angle and lights so that I get the best results. Obviously, all this requires an eye for precision and this has honed my ability to deliver nothing but the best. I can proudly affirm that my passion for photography has developed my personality positively and has turned me into a confident and persevering individual.

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