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Listening and Paraphrasing

The following was an exercise carried out in order to practice and develop paraphrasing skills from a recollected conversation. This assignment was carried out using the exchange which took place between with two people. The first person, who will be referred to as Jane hereon, in order to maintain her anonymity, is twenty two years old. The second person who was interviewed for the purpose of this assignment was “Bob” who is sixty years old. The dialogue exchange with both the interviewees revolved around their line of study or profession, their future plans, their interests and leisure pursuits etc. I.

Conversation with Jane While in conversation with Jane, she revealed that she is twenty two years old and currently pursuing a Masters’ degree at the local university <OR A UNIVERSITY IN YOUR CITY>. Jane is specializing in Aerospace Engineering and has hopes of continuing on to acquire a PhD degree. Upon asking Jane of her career prospective, she reflected upon her long term goals of conducting further research in her area of specialization and showed an interest in teaching. Jane further supplied that in her capacity as a graduate student, she is also serving as a Research Assistant for her supervisor.

Upon asking her about her other interests, Jane complained about lack of free time but did express a fervent interest in cooking and reading. In the above discourse, paraphrasing was used to convert and renovate the first hand exchange that was carried out with Jane. All her sentences were switched from first person to passive voice and shortened where suitable whilst keeping the integrity of the information intact. II. Conversation with Bob Bob is a sixty year old man who runs his own jewelry store.

While talking to Bob, he supplied the aforementioned, and revealed that he enjoyed managing his flourishing business but was soon due to retire owing to the demands of his age. He reflected upon the past and how times had changed since the time he first took upon the store and how his business has grown since. Upon inquiring Bob said that he had always wanted to take up the family business and had even encouraged his sons to enroll into business management and jewelry assessment classes when they were in university. Bob’s future plans include retiring and settling on the coast with his wife.

He expressed an enthusiasm about gardening and classical music and reading. In the above discourse with Bob, his introduction was paraphrased to shorten while still conveying his identity. Bob was more animated with his speech and here paraphrasing was used to aptly express the nature of the conversation while still summarizing the content in a passive voice. Conclusion The above article was a recollection of two dialogue exchanges which were carried out with two individuals of different age groups. The dialogue was recorded and renovated in order to paraphrase the conversation.

The idea behind this exercise was to develop and expand paraphrasing skills. The nature of the discourse was primarily about the individuals’ current pursuits, careers and interests. Their responses were suitably reconstructed and summarized using various paraphrasing techniques and methods. References [1] http://www. aligningaction. com/activeli. htm [2] http://www1. va. gov/adr/page. cfm? pg=46 [3] http://owl. english. purdue. edu/owl/resource/619/01/ [4] http://facpub. stjohns. edu/~roigm/plagiarism/Examples%20of%20paraphrasing. html [5] http://grammar. about. com/od/pq/g/paraphterm. htm

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