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Modern Prometheus

1. Le Guin “looks to” two books, what are they? Explain the distinctive characteristics of each? As mentioned in the text, Le Guin looks up to two books in her life. The book, Book of Changes, was focused on the different realities of life that were beyond what can be seen. Although some may regard this book to be filled with facts, the way words were used were helpful in making the book more interesting. The second book mentioned in the text was entitled The Book of Fantasy.

As the name implies, the book was filled with magical occurrences that deviated from the first book. Unexplainable things and circumstances were shown in the text, which also served as the “other side” of life. 2. Where does the word fantasy or phantasy originate? What does it mean? Fantasy was a word that originated from the Greeks. The Greeks explain it as something that is visible, such as in the emergence of the imagination of people.

It was evident that people could actually form different images in their mind that could be attributed to the formation of “fantasy”. 3. In what way is fantasy ambiguous? Fantasy is said to be ambiguous primarily because it does not take sides. Rather, fantasy stays in the middle, such as that of the foolish and the delusory. Certain instances still make things unexplainable; no matter how people try to search for logical explanations, these could not be attained. 4. Why does Le Guin relate the circumstances under which Frankenstein: or A Modern Prometheus was written?

What is the link between it and The Book of Fantasy, edited by Jorge Luis Borges, Adolfo Bioy Casares, and Silvina Ocampo? `The book, Frankenstein: or A Modern Prometheus showed Le Guin that “fantasy” did not necessarily require the presence of imaginary things. Frankenstein had characteristics that were attributed to normal people, while tickling the imagination of the readers. Furthermore, the Book of Fantasy also touches the imagination of people, and how much these could be incorporated in real life.

The two books were relatively similar in numerous ways, and these were seen in the text. 5. To what extent do you agree with Le Guin when she writes: “Our society –global, multilingual, enormously irrational-can perhaps describe itself only in the global, institutional language of fantasy? ” There are certain realities of life that are being denied of their presence. As much as possible, people try to deviate from what is real from what is not. The things that people do in life are clear manifestations of their belief in life.

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