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Moved from Japan

During the day, she was just like any other ordinary girl. She would walk the halls of the school grounds and blend in like everybody else. She was just like every other girl in school whom I met 4 years ago. At least she seemed like any other ordinary girl, that’s what I thought until she became my lab partner in science. Let’s just disguise her by the name Jenny. Jenny was a close friend whom I got to know 4 years ago just when I was still adjusting to the life here since I recently moved from Japan.

I still get to talk to her sometimes over the phone, but it’s not the same as before when she used to live nearby, she had to move away with her mom and two sisters to a different state just so they can start off a clean slate away from the abuse of her alcoholic father. I didn’t like Jenny at first because she would always accidentally fall asleep at lab class which caused me to do most of the lab work for both of us. Before I really got to know her I just thought she was one of those typical teenagers always too tired at school because they were out most of the time having fun.

I only knew about her real life that morning when I saw her with a big bruise on her arm and I asked about what had happened. She was hesitant to tell me her story at first, but I guess due to the lack of emotional outlet, she eventually decided to tell me the story of her life. Little did I know that Jenny was always tired from doing most of the chores at home when her mom was away for work. Jenny had been the one her mom had to depend on in taking care of her two little sisters when she was off to work.

Her mom had to sustain two jobs, one as a secretary for a local business man and another as a waitress working nightshift in a restaurant down the block. Her mom had to do this because her dad didn’t have a job and they would always just argue if they have problems with money. She was always kept awake by the screams of her drunken father and the cries of her mother at night when her dad comes home drunk from his depression of not finding a new job. Her dad used to be a successful businessman until their business went bankrupt due to a wrong investment her dad made.

Ever since then, her dad has been wallowing in depression by drinking whenever he didn’t have a job interview or sometimes, even after that. Whenever her parents would have an argument, her dad would beat her mother up. Jenny was the oldest child of three sisters. She seemed to have things in control in her life simply because she had to. She was the one her two sisters drew strength from in order to keep things intact in their life. Thankfully, her dad never hit her or any of her sisters. That was before the accident that happened when she tried to stop her dad from hitting her mom with a vase.

That was the night before she told me the story of her life, and history kept on repeating itself until a few months after that incident where in his dad started hitting her youngest sister. After that her mom took the high road and decided to move her and her sisters far away. Jenny and I still continue to email each other letters sometimes. Her mom and her sisters are doing well in ____________ as the have adjusted to the life there. Her mom never dated again though, Jenny thinks her mom is afraid to get hurt again.

Jenny is now planning to move out since she has long been of the right age to live independently, she just refused to do it four years ago since she knew her mom and sisters needed her. Now the last time I talked to her, she was out looking for a place of her own to start her life as a woman, independent for herself and free from the trauma her dad had left all of them. Jenny never really talks about her dad anymore. She told me someday she might forgive him, but now its just time to move forward and face her fears on her own first before she tries to confront her father once again.

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