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Mr. Ives Christmas

Reading through the book Mr. Ives Christmas, there were three major events in Mr. Edward Ives’ story which had effects on his faith to the divine love of God. First of those three important events is the day when Mr. Ives was adopted by a widower. It was Christmas when Mr. Edward Ives was left as a baby on the doorstep of an orphanage and it was also on the same occasion that he was adopted by a widower who treated him like a real son. His adoptive father raised him up to be a good Christian, exposing him to daily masses, teaching him the practices and devotions of Catholic living.

This event is important to the foundation of his Catholic faith, because this was the time when Ives felt that life is still worth living. The idea of being neglected when he was still a kid was erased by the thought that there was this person who wanted to love and to take care of him, though they are not related in consanguinity. The positive act that he received from his adoptive father also brought out positive outlook in him and thus being good to other people became automatic from him. We may also consider the day Ives’son was murdered as the second major event.

It was also in Christmas day when his 17-year old was murdered. It was an event in his life that tested his faith to the ground. For Mr. Ives who devoted his life being a righteous follower of God, it seemed unfair to him that his son was taken away from him just like that. He spent more time in church praying to God to bring forgiveness to his heart, because the rage that he felt for the murderer of his son is slowly deteriorating him inside. It was very difficult for him to still be righteous while the other half of him is full of anger for the man who caused Robert’s death.

Mr. Ives Christmas 2 With the condition of Ive’s heart towards the incident, he became insensitive of the feelings of the people around him. His marriage, just like his own self, was placed on the rocks after his son’s death. For his wife Annie, Ives’ endless mourning for Robert is no longer understandable. She already lost her son, and it seems to her that she is slowly losing his husband as well. And it came to the point when they began to drift apart. Finally, the day Ives finally forgave the murderer can be categorized as a major episode in Ives’ story.

In the book, it was stated that Ives tried to resist the anger he felt on Danny Gomez, the person who murdered his son. He went to see Danny’s family; he began sending Danny letters and reading materials in prison. Ives was aware of what his anger to that person has done to him and to his marriage that is why he kept on fighting against it with a reverse psychology method. Instead of letting the anger dig into him, he tried to use it to still be on God’s path. It is known that when Jesus, God the son, was crucified and was almost near death, He turned to the heavens and spoke: “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing!

” Using this analogy, Ives way of laying his cards down and open-heartedly forgiven his son’s killer uses the same ideology as to how Jesus accepted his fate and still defended the people’s ignorance of uprightness. At first it was not easy for Ives, but since he did not refuse God in his heart, he still managed to forgive that man no matter how bad he is. Also, the renewal of Ives faith after experiencing the spiritual crisis he had was interpreted in his dream where his son was pouring water to him with his hands, and when he woke up, he felt new. God the Holy Spirit helped him breathe a new life after the dark phase in

Mr. Ives Christmas 3 his life. To forgive and to forget are the most difficult thing to do for all humans. In Mr. Ive’s case, it was evident in the text that he was in so much struggle trying to fight the humanly rage that he was feeling toward the murderer. But God, in his three identities as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, will not leave you empty handed. Trials may come and go to test our faith to the one God who loves us all unconditionally. Like God, Mr. Ives had experienced his life, death and resurrection during the whole time he has been with God’s ways.

Thus, one can prove that God is always on our side in every ups and downs that we encounter. For as long as we allow God in our lives just like what Mr. Ives did, you will never feel isolated for long. For God’s community is based on love; divine community of God the Father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit, who all live in love with one another. References Ashland Presbyterian Church. “Believing three ways in one God”. Ashland Church. 2008. http://www. ashlandpc. org/yourti111142. html. Hijuelos, Oscar. 1995. Mr. Ives’ Christmas. New York. HarperCollins.

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