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My Defining Years

The last two years of my life had been momentous. It involved experiences that I have never encountered, and more importantly, of challenges that I have never overcome before. Perhaps it was because these involved concerns relating to emotional struggles, instead of the physical ones that I had been more accustomed to dealing with, that seemed to make them harder to conquer. Nevertheless, through these personal struggles, I became aware of the strengths that I possess that otherwise I would have never known to exist if fate had not destined for me to face life experiences that defined the very person that I now resemble.

The years 2008 and 2009 were crucial years of defining my personal growth. Being an international student, I found it hard to adjust to the new culture where I endeavored to pursue my higher education. Struggling alone in pursuing my dreams, lonely, and away from my family, I labored to perform to the best of my abilities despite of the handicap that I found myself faced with. This was especially true in 2008, when I transferred from San Francisco to Los Angeles, where I attended Santa Monica College. During my first semester in Santa Monica College in 2008, my difficulties were concerned with my adjustment rather than the academics.

I found it hard to adjust to the new environment and the highly-diversified student populace that comprised the academe. However, perhaps due to my unbending resolve to perform well, I soon overcame this predicament and had adjusted well, both with the people and the academic methodologies that the college promotes. In 2009, during the summer college vacation, I had the opportunity to visit my home land. Here, I was able to enjoy the benefits of activities involving my church wherein we did farming area volunteer works.

It was also during this time that I learned the difference between knowledge and wisdom, particularly of their distinct characteristics that differentiated the two related virtues. Its personal effect on my being awakened me to the reality that while knowledge is important to a person, wisdom holds much more significance in causing positive changes to a person’s disposition and belief in God. Through wisdom, a person is able to change himself for the better while at the same time being a positive influence to his fellow man. Lastly, these last two years enabled me to make an in-depth study of Nike, Inc.

As mentioned in my previous paper, it is my life’s dream to be able to reach a top-level executive position in the company’s hierarchy, particularly of being a CEO of the said company. Likewise, by learning the sports strategies that Nike employs, I was able to make the first step towards my dream of someday being able to open a Nike town in Korea. I am certain that by being under the tutelage of a premier academic institution that specializes in my aspired field of expertise, my chances of attaining this dream are greatly increased.

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