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My One Wish

I want so many things in life. This signifies that, in my opinion, there are several things lacking in my current condition and status. I believe that there are others who felt the same way. Thus, when asked about a particular wish that could be granted, I found it hard to single out the most appropriate wish that I want. Nevertheless, after several hours of contemplation and reflection, I decided that ‘my one wish’ would be to become a genius. The process of choosing this particular wish is not as easy as it seems. Like most humans, I acknowledge the fact that my desires are insatiable.

Every time I gain something, I end up wanting more. I demand to get something better than what I already have. Indeed, men always aspire for the things that they don’t have. This realization served as my initial criterion for ‘my one wish’. I realized that my wish should be something that can give me more and that can improve what I already have. To give me a better impression about the best possible wish I should wish for, I asked some of my friends regarding their own wishes. Most of them want to have an unlimited source of money. Who would not want that?

I, myself, consider money with utmost importance since it is a means to acquire several other things. Nonetheless, what will happen if a person has an infinite source of money? Probably, that person would spend it recklessly, which takes away the fulfillment that accompanies gaining money. It seems that life will turn out to be superficial and less worthy. Another popular answer is acquiring superpowers. Obviously, this choice is trivial and child-like. Nevertheless, given the chance that ‘superpowers’ will be possible, I don’t think that it is a good wish for myself.

Like money, there is a tendency for people to abuse power. Superpowers deny the person of a normal life. It makes life harder if not at least complicated. For instance, when one is immortal, it takes away the thrill of life, since one will not die no matter what. The purpose of living is altered since the person will exist forever anyway. Some would like to wish for an infinite number of wishes. Again, this is a trivial scenario, but it might be possible. However, like the first two, to have an infinite number of wishes that can be granted takes away the sense of living as a normal person.

Why would a person work if he can wish for another one million dollar? Why would a person be concerned about health if he can wish for immortality? The three wishes stated above reminds me that life is something that needs to be lived and not wished for. Thus, the next criterion for ‘my one wish’ is that it should retain the ability to live a normal fulfilling life. The term ‘normal’ implies that it is possible and commonsensical. The term ‘fulfilling’ entails the fact that it should serve a purpose. The other wishes range from being with a love one to being able to travel across the world.

These are the practicable wishes. These encompass personal goals and plans. With this in mind, ‘my one wish’ should also consider my objectives. As of the moment, I would like to finish my studies and have a good job. Wishes also resemble the person’s attitude towards life in general. Some wishes incorporate the ‘greater good’ while others are plainly selfish. It is usually the case that an environmentalist or an animal lover would have a wish related to their affiliation or the vision espouses by their organization.

Some people would wish in relation to current events while others would wish about the future. Generally, wishes are as diverse as people are. People have different wishes and reason for it. In my situation, I believe that wishing to become a genius encompass my other wishes. Of course, I also would like to have lots of money. I also would like to live as long as possible. I also would like to have a comfortable life. The best part is that, I could make these aspirations come true if I become a genius. My one wish, which is to become a genius, is something that can improve my life.

Being a genius denotes the ability to answer correctly the exam questions. The scores in examinations indicate a large portion of one’s grade. Good grades entail good jobs. Good job results to high income. High income signifies the ability to buy the things that a person wants and needs. As a ‘genius’, a person can live a life within the bounds of ‘possibility and commonsense’. The person of genius lives a reasonable life. The purpose of my life, if ever my wish to become a genius is granted, would be to acquire knowledge and to have better understanding of the world.

My plans and goals would also be achieved easier if ever I become a genius. Although as a student I planned to graduate and soon get a good job. I also want to travel and become famous someday. I believe that being a genius could resolve these goals easily. As can be seen, a wish resembles several wants and aspirations. A single wish can lead to other repercussions that can affect the person wishing. Thus, a wish should be carefully planned and analyzed. Reference: ThinkQuest. org. The Expository Essay. Retrieved on February 4, 2009 from http://library. thinkquest. org/10888/expos. html

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