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My Passion

Among all my passions in life, the one that has greatly contributed to my growth is enthusiasm to make an impact everywhere I go. Whether it’s in school, at home, or in a community outreach program, I always strive to make an impact and see to it that I do my best in any task or job that I am assigned to. Basically, for me, making a difference or an impact can involve many things but it only needs certain attitudes— constantly striving for excellence and having high standards.

I have carried these two beliefs with me for the better part of my life and I have applied them in almost everything I do. This is why I am always fueled by the drive to accomplish any goal that I have set with flying colors. At home, I always ensure that I always strive to make my parents proud of me by doing the little things in the house such as chores, fixing the bed, and cleaning up around the house, among many others. I constantly seek their advice and acknowledge my mistakes if I have any.

I treat them with the utmost respect and show them that can be independent by making good choices in my life. In addition, at home I always set an example to my siblings by being a good and obedient child. Although all these things are not extraordinary and are done by a lot of children around the world, I believe that it still makes a difference in my life because I enjoy a smooth and interactive relationship with my parents, which is important to the growth of any person.

On the other hand, in school, I see to it that I accomplish my daily tasks, listen intently to my teacher, and most of all study hard so that I can finish at the top of my class every term. I also make sure that I submit all projects that are due within the time frame allotted and also ensure that my assignments or homework is duly accomplished. I also see to it that I maintain my focus and never become distracted by trivial things.

In other words, I place my education as one of my top priorities in life because I know that it would help achieve my dreams and mold me into a highly competent person in the future. However, aside from academics I also strive to make an impact in extracurricular activities. Like at home, I also exhibit leadership qualities in school. When there is an important social issue or a crucial program that involves the participation of the community, I am usually one of the first to get involved and actively encourage my fellow students to participate and make a difference.

My involvement in extracurricular activities and my desire to make an impact also evokes in me another passion which is to be of service to others. I believe that life is best lived giving and helping others. For me seeing the smile and the happy faces of the people I have helped are the best rewards I can ever receive in life because it means I have made a difference even in my own little way. Most of all, my service-oriented attitude has also developed in me good values, which will no doubt enable me to make a larger impact on any endeavor I can undertake in the future.

In other words, it can be said that my passion to make a difference anywhere I go also involves continuously becoming better each and everyday of my life. Throughout my entire life, I have never considered myself as the best because doing so would inhibit from improving my skills. Instead, I always see to it that in everything I do, I am able to hone my craft and talents in order for me to maintain a competitive attitude and continue to make a difference anywhere I go.

In short, my constant enthusiasm to make an impact and be the difference in everything I do has enabled me to live a highly productive and meaningful life. This passion of mine has developed in me values; skills, talents, and most of all, attitudes, that has helped me grow both professionally and personally. I believe that if I continue to fuel this passion, I would eventually become a highly versatile and well-rounded person in any profession or field I become involved with in the future.

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