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Nature and Heterosexuality

To begin this discussion, it is important to have an insight on what sexuality and its true nature is. From a psychological point of view, sexuality refers to those terms of object relation, desire or attraction. On the other hand, this time from the scientific desks, it is that which triggers similar biological sensations in the brain in ways not so different from those of other systems of the body, example breathing. The sexual nature of human existence is thus not so different from that of animals, since both man and animal experience similar body systems such as respiration to survive.

The only difference is the level of consciousness, which is very advanced in humans. For example, a male animal can grow up and start mating with a female that gave birth to it. This is highly an unacceptable phenomenon as far as human existence is concerned. Why? It is simply because our conscience tells us that this is mom and not a sex partner! This is the same similarity that comes into play in the case of heterosexuality.

Hence, to conclude that it is unnatural is as good as saying that it is not a direct consequence of some neuro-chemical manipulation of the human sense. The issue of sexuality, of which heterosexuality is part, is often viewed in from the social norms perspective rather than the psychological aspect which explains it better. Perhaps the most cogent reason for the acceptance of heterosexuality as the natural form of sexuality is deep rooted in virtually most religious practice and goes back to the story of human creation.

God created man and woman to reproduce and bear offspring. In other words, God intends that humans be naturally heterosexual, because that is the only means of bearing young ones. This fact was what the Pope meant by saying that “heterosexuality is as important as saving the world’s rainforests from destruction”1. References 1. www. guardian. co. uk/world/2008/dec/23/pope-gender-sexuality Bibliography LeVay, S. The Sexual Brain. New York: Bradford Books, 1994.

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