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Nature of Utopianism by Thomas Molnar

After listening to Molnar’s lecture, I have summed up that since the utopian thinkers produces anxiety about God and His creation and they also reconstructs man and the society, they are to be considered ‘radical’. It was emphasize by Molnar that Christianity has taught man change the world for the glory of God and as well as his own gratification. As mentioned, society must have purification ceremonies, religious ceremonies which in fact will help the people reach absolute perfection and purity in society.

Innocence should be there, and there should be no terror in the society. In such case, there will be no possibility of being sinful. It is also pointed out that the abolition of transparency is a utopian ambition. Goals should be met, there should not have secrets, no state, in order or everybody to live in utopian paradise. In the end, conflict has been eliminated. In my own analysis, this is in fact hard for all of us to reach this purity and perfection since we all only human and these inventions is not easy to be enforced.

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