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Navy Rules and Regulations

In any state, weather sovereign or not, the picture of the Navy basically represents the country itself. More particularly if such persons are in uniform. That is why their conduct and behavior matter a lot especially in public. Their conduct can either make or break a country’s reputation both internally before the countries own citizens or before the international community. All officers are required to show exemplary conducts within as well as outside duties. Due to the position on which they are held, a lot is expected from them in terms of virtue, subordination and patriotism as they serve their country and fellow citizens.

Since human beings will always be humans that is, canning and sly individuals, the navy too will not be expected to tear the line without imposing some rules on them. That is the reason why the naval men and women have been put under a command to help the authorities to vigilantly inspect their conducts and prevent any possibility of dissolution and immoral practices. Any person who faults any of the set rules and regulations will have himself or herself punished as stated in the statutes. This research paper will try to highlight some of the requirement of the navy people that touches on their integrity and conduct as given in (James H.

Bunting, 1865, 231-340) Rules and Regulations On The Conduct while in PT Uniform The Navy men and women can really take advantage of the public civilians while on their Uniforms and to avoid such scenarios rules and regulations have been drawn to that effect. First of all it is against the law for any individual to sell, butter, pledge, loan, exchange or give away to an unauthorized person any outfit that belong to the Navy, hence this will prevent such outfits from falling into the wrong hands.

That is why it is always being assumed that whoever is in a Navy suite is a Naval and their laws apply to them. This section of the paper will zero in on some major core values of conduct on the Navy officers while in or out of duty. Regarding the PT Uniforms (Physical Training Uniforms), the regulations have it that all the training sessions will be taken while in them, however the uniforms shall never be worn during individual exercise. But, on the other hand, sailors may wear the uniforms even when not on official duty.

On Integrity Integrity has been reported to be the Navy’s Core values on which all the other regulations are founded. It is strength found at the uttermost heart of every navy man and woman that acts to bond the entire naval community together during any operation. By having high integrity, that is to say that every individual has got within his/her heart to help a colleague in any circumstance, integrity is that feeling that one acquires out of self will and is depicted through respect for the set regulations and conduct standards.

It should be maintained at all times in the service of the nation with honor, commitment and courage. Every member is a brother’s keeper “watch the back of whoever is in front of you and yours will be watched by the person behind you”… this applies mainly while in combat. There need to be trust among the members and no matter how small or big a matter is it should be taken with absolute seriousness without compromise. No poor judgment can be entertained and therefore it calls for a sober decision to analysis of every detail to avoid putting at risk your fellow lives.

With this core value, a Naval will be able to serve obediently, loyally and with discipline to the best of his ability without question as they observe the values with his heart. This makes a naval to be his own moderator of regulations. On Smoking The Navy has in the recent past put strict regulations to guard the conduct of every personnel regarding smoking. The new rules have seen smoking being burnt in ships, vehicles, aircrafts and buildings leading to the creation of smoke free working environment. Smoking will only be permitted in designated regions for smokers who find it hard to stop the habit.

This is mainly to reduce cases of “second hand smoking”. If these regulations are observed well then we will see a great reduction of workplace hazards, improved working conditions and long term reduced costs. In overall, these general smoking regulations are to be adhered to: Act according to all signs warnings against smoking for instance “No Smoking on local beaches, piers as well as potential explosion areas. While within smoking region, all the windows and doors have to be equipped with screens and windows which should remain in a close position. On Unauthorized Absence from Work Station

If a Naval officer is not available in his/her work station that will be referred to as desertion or attrition Even though there are rules and regulation to guard against this, the root cause of duty desertion will have to be established, but until then suspension is recommended. It is considered an illegal and immoral act to abscond duty without prior informing the authority figures. After knowing all the operation of the security of a country, it is unthinkable to imagine that any naval officer will be allowed to walk out of his duty with ease unless genuine reasons are stated.

By the military article of war, on the values of regulations, it is given that “any non-commissioned officer or soldier who at any point desert his duty from the other troops, detachment or company without the knowledge of the commanding officer will be definitely convicted and punished according to the court martial definition of hi/her offense. In the Naval Act on Art 17. It states that “if navy shall rebel, desert, or incite others to desert, he shall suffer death or any such alternative punishment as the court-martial shall adjudge. References James H. Bunting. (1865). “Regulations for the government of the U. S Navy:

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