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Necrophilia is Rape

Necrophilia is rape. It is not consensual and it is morally wrong. Necrophilia effects people. There are many causes for this crime. This will be discussed further below. Necrophilia is unmistakable rape. It is one of the most distasteful acts that a human being can carry out. Necrophilia is defined as the erotic attraction to or sexual intercourse and other lascivious acts with corpses. This is how repulsive and depraved some human beings are. One man would even prefer to carry out the rape only with dead blondes.

He would not have the sexual urge to touch a deceased brunette or a wasted redhead (Kick 132). Further, mysoped is a person who kidnaps a child for necrophilia. He would stalk the children from playgrounds, schools, or shopping center game rooms. He will usually not attempt to seduce or induce the child victim to go with him. He simply takes the child against his or her will. Some exemptions to this example do exist too. Wesley Dodd, a mysoped, kidnapped a five year old boy, Lee Eisley, from a school yard. He enticed the child to come with him to eat in McDonalds.

Wesley promised to buy him a toy if he agrees. The child was later strangled to death and hanged inside Wesley’s locker. Wesley then reported for work. He committed sexual acts on the dead corpse for twelve hours. He decided to decapitate the boy’s body as he ventured into exploratory surgery after being sexually gratified. The court ordered his execution for his crime (Holmes 103). One serial mysoped explained “I got her a [a 12 year old] to my home. I ravished her for 12 hours…. Consequently, I inserted 7 pounds of rocks inside here vagina, up her rectum and down her throat.

That was gratifying. Only after all my fantasies were realized, I decided that I must dispose of her body before my brother gets home” (Holmes 103). This can also be considered necrophilia because the rape was done after she was murdered. Further, it is rape because it is not consensual. The psychological chart, DSM –IV, describes Necrophilia as the nonconsensual sexual fantasies, urges, or behaviors involving dead corpses. The criminal member of society will target dead bodies for vaginal intercourse, urges, or behaviors.

It includes kissing, sucking or fondling of breasts, fellatio, and cunnilingus. The necrophiliacs often obtain a dead body through work, homicide, and chance occurrences. Other hardened necrophiliacs will even take their fantasies on corpses in the cemeteries, funerals, and mortuaries. Another group of necrophiliacs would resort to murder to fulfill their fantasies (Laws & O’ Donohue 406). In addition, it is definitely wrong for Egyptian embalmers and mortuary workers to hijack dead bodies for their sexual desires during the first century.

Historically, necrophilia had been suspected of these Egyptian embalmers and amateur anatomists. It is also the aftermath of accidental death where the sex partner unexpected dies during the sexual act. Furthermore, whatever our metaphysical or religious beliefs, we typically understand a recent corpse to have an intimate connection with the person who was. People typically will abhor sexual violation of the corpse just as we abhor rape of a living person, rape of a sleeping person or rape of a comatose person.

The Wisconsin law dictates “All sexual assaults crimes apply whether a victim is dead or alive at the time of the sexual contact or sexual intercourse” (Nussbaum 156). This law seems correct for the person who has died is insulted by the postmortem rape. The same Wisconsin law states that the rape of a comatose or dead person is a crime even though it was committed by a lawful custodian. The logic here is that it is likened to rape within a marriage setting. Logically, the law clearly defines a sexual act with a nonresponsive body as rape because the corpse did not give consent (Nussbaum 156).

In addition, Necrophilia is also one of the reasons for the crime rate increase. Serial killers will gratify their despicable necrophiliac past time by kidnapping someone that they find irresistible. They would then kill the victim to have sex with them. These kidnappers would then unload their deepest sexual fantasies onto the motionless carcass. Another study shows that necrophilia is the worst that a person can do. Necrophilia is where the relativity of beauty butts up against a limit which is death. There is nothing uglier than this.

A person cannot go further down from the innate human sensibilities. Thus, they can only make a 180 degree turnaround and climb back the chain of beauty. The necrophiliac will forever be condemned to see beauty through the lens of ugliness once a person has reached the bottom of the abyss. It will be impossible to see the clitoris of the most beautiful woman in the world without feeling astonished at how much it resembles a maggot on a dead person for the rest of a the necrophiliac’s life(supervert 11). Necrophilia is morally wrong.

The Old Testament Christian Bible states “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. God blessed him; male and female he created them. God blessed them and said to them, ‘Be fruitful and increase in number ;’”( Genesis 1: 27 -28 NIV). These bible verses show that sex was ordained to be used for increasing man’s population on earth. Having sex with a corpse does not comply with this moral requirement. The bible also states that “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.

”(Genesis 2:24 NIV). This verse shows that sex was meant to join a man and a woman (not a man to a man) for build a family entrenched on bringing up one child, children or even just themselves for many years. Having sex with a corpse many only last a few hours because the corpse will decay thereby violating moral standards. Furthermore, the bible states that “The body is not meant for sexual immorality, but for the Lord, and the Lord for the body” (1 Corinthians 6:13 NIV). This verse clarifies that the sex is a holy thing.

Having sex with a dead person violates the two prior bible verse paragraphs. Consequently, this violation automatically qualifies as a violation of the bible verse in this paragraph. The violations will consequently classify the act, especially the necrophiliac’s sex related acts as immoral. Necrophilia is especially horrible to us and especially outrageous simply for the reason that people feel that the use of these religiously charged corpses for their sexual abuses involves an especial profanity of the victim’s religion or emotional meaning.

The human is the temple of the Holy Spirit thus necrophilia is an immoral act that deserves to be penalized (Bandes 48). Necrophilia affects people. It affects the person being kidnapped because he or she is killed and raped after the person’s life is snuffed out. It affects the family because they will lose a son or a daughter to the killer necrophiliac. The friends of the murdered victim will miss their friend who has been assassinated to fill the sexual lust of the necrophiliac.

It will affect the investigation as to whether the victim was raped before she was killed because the necrophiliac mortuary assistant poured his manhood into the victim. Consequently, the medico legal result may state that the autopsy shows that victim was raped before she was killed when in fact no rape occurred. The parents will be hurt when the news leaks of their teenage daughter’s rape by the necrophiliac mortuary assistant. As proof, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California created California’s first law forbidding necrophilia as a criminal act.

The felony is punishable by up to eight years’ imprisonment (Giffney & Hird 341). This clearly shows beyond reasonable doubt that raping a dead person will bring the perpetrators of this dastardly act behind bars in order to give them enough time to reassess their misdeed. The Nevada state law states that “It is a felony to engage in cunnilingus, fellatio, or any intrusion of any part of a person’s body, or any object manipulated or inserted by a person into the genital or anal openings of the body of another where the offender performs these acts on the dead body of a human being.

Nev. Stat. Ann. ?201. 450 (enacted 1983)” (Posner & Silbaugh 215). In addition, the Pennsylvania rape statute of 2000 also mandates “A person who commits a felony of the first when he or she engages in sexual intercourse… by forcible compulsion,… when the victim is unconscious,… the victim is unaware of the sexual act,… and when the rapist uses drugs, intoxicants or OTHER MEANS for the purpose of preventing resistance” (Sanday 2). The words other means can be interpreted in many ways. One means could be using threats. Another means could be force.

Murdering a person can be considered as other means for the purpose of preventing resistance to having sex. This law proves that necrophilia is rape. There are many causes for this different king of rape crime. One cause is that the necrophiliac desires to kill the other person in order to have sexual climax with sex on a dead body. Another reason is that the criminal wants to have sex in an irresistible person. The criminal here aims precisely at the destruction of the other person. The necrophiliac wants sex where love is not part of the equation.

One group of necrophiliacs is bent on murder or mutilation of the corpse as part of the carcass -rape process ( Giles 168). Further, research done shows that a possible reason could be the desire for the necrophiliac to return to his mother’s body. Another good reason would be the criminal is largely influenced by his feeblemindedness. Another reason indicates that the necrophiliac is characterized as one having gross personality defects. He cannot easily mingle with people of the opposite sex. He is often rejected by his love object.

The criminal prefers a sexual scene that is imbued with zero resistance. The dead person cannot resist the abuses of the rapist (Holmes 152). IN A NUTSHELL, necrophilia is classified as rape. The basis for rape is that the victim did not consent to it. It berates the very essence of morality. Necrophilia hurts various sectors of society including parents, friends, and relatives. There are many causes for this rape crime including the fantasy to murder to satisfy one’s necrophilic urges, the criminal’s quest to have irresistible sex, and deleting love in the sex equation.

Making necrophilia a crime will definitely appease the people affected by these rapists. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California created California’s first law which puts necrophilia as a criminal act for it has all the telltale signs of rape. Conclusively, necrophilia is rape. CITED WORKS Bandes, S. , The Passions of Law, N. Y. , New York Press, 1999 Giffney, N. , Hird, M. , Queering the Non /Human, London, Ashgate Press, 2008 Giles, J. , The Nature of Sexual Desire, N. Y. , Greenwood Press, 2003 Kick, R. , Everything You Know About Sex is Wrong, Disinformation Co.

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