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Never Love a Stranger

Remember the novel by Harold Robbins ‘Never Love a Stranger’? Well! That is a warning for everyone who is willing, not really to love an unknown person but, to trust one. Actually our trust towards unknown variables is mainly because we, deep inside, are optimist to the core. This is why there is a sense of anti incumbency votes during national ballots. We are hardly satisfied with the known compositions of our acquaintances. It is the foundation stone of the human nature. We are never satisfied with what or how we are.

This has been synonymous to human kind since the dawn of civilization that dates back to at least one million years. It is this aspect of human nature that triggered the great ‘out of Africa’ migrations of the Homo sapiens. Similarly this same factor has been the main influence to all our art, science and technology. (Lamb, 2004) We believe in the elements not known as we believe that there are greener pastures in the unknown. The same context when personalised tends in the concept of believing in persons we hardly know as we are not deceived by them.

We possess the gift of memory and that enables us to remember the unhappy situations that were yielded by our acquaintances. Thus being optimist we always believe that a lesser or unknown person would be more trustworthy than the know person. This is not a variable of wisdom or intellect but this parameter has more to do with optimism and this is a deep incorporated condition of the human nature and we have to live with it. References: Lamb, D; (2004); Cult to Culture: The Development of Civilization on the Strategic Strata; Wellington: National Book Trust

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