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New Demographic Racial Gap Emerges

With over 100 million non-white Americans for the first time in history, the United States diverse racial groups are experiencing an increasing competition between priorities and agendas. The era of White Anglo-Saxon Protestant dominance is coming to a close with a younger, more ethnically and racially composed electorate that is shifting the political and cultural environment toward more social programs aimed at promoting diversity.

The biggest population growth has come from Hispanic, Asian, and African American’s that increased by 3. 4%, 3. 2%, and 1. 3% respectively from July, 2005 to July, 2006 (Roberts). Furthermore, more and more states are becoming more diverse as immigration trends have spread. The age gap is also notable, with over half of all children under the age of five come from minority groups while over 80% of Americans who are over sixty years old are non-Hispanic whites. Mark Mather, deputy director of domestic programs for the Population Reference Bureau, a nonpartisan research group says, “There’s a fairly large homogenous population 60 and older that may not be sympathetic to the needs of a diverse youthful population” (Roberts).

These population trends are influencing politics in a variety of ways. A notable example of this can be evidenced by the states with the three most homogenous populations that spending the most on public education. This is a troubling side-effect of the new demographic racial gap and one that will hopefully be adjusted as we have elected our first minority President. Works Cited Roberts, Sam. (2007). New Demographic Racial Gap Emerges. The New York Times. Retrieved 18 February 2009, from http://www. nytimes. com/2007/05/17/us/17census. html? _r=1

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