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Noise and chatter

The sun has just risen and it shines bright on the people and the beach that lay below it. The waves crash noisily but methodically onto the shore. I find a blank space easily as there are not many people as it is still early morning. I lay back and lie down on the towel that I had placed. The warm rays slowly penetrate my already damp skin. I plug on my earphones and allow myself to immerse in the music. It plays loud enough to drown out everything else around me. This is what I come here for. The silence, the solitude and the peace. Back in the city, I hardly had any time to myself.

My phone rang constantly, everyone always had something to say. There was always something new happening in the city, movies that came out, food to eat, things to buy. Never ending noise and chatter. I can feel the waves reach my toes and my feet sink slowly into the soft white sand. I love the feel of the sand because it makes me feel relaxed. Tiny crabs and hermit crabs busily trod the beach. I feel the small grains of the sand as they slip through the small spaces of my towel. They feel coarse yet the feel of the grains feel like a good scrub against my skin.

I see children run back and forth, playing with their bouncing balls that are falling all over the place. I see their parents beckon to them not to go too far into the water. Everyone around me moves around like old movies that have no sound. All the shrieks and shouting drowned out by my music. I watch them like I am watching a mime. Figures motioning, running, laughing. It helps me admire the beauty of life and the beauty that life can bring amidst the problematic world. The sight of serene happiness, so untroubled and peaceful brings a refreshing feeling.

Every time I come back to the beach, my ritual when I feel burned-out or extremely exhausted, I somehow feel my sense of being returns. I remember after I had a heart break, the beach’s ambiance made me relaxed and calmed the feeling of anxiety that would not seem to let down. I allowed myself to get lost in the thought that there was a whole world out there. The sight to behold made me realize that there was so much more to come. The magnificence of nature, the vast sky above me, made me realize each time I looked up into the vast expanse, that there was indeed still a whole life to live for.

Every visit to the beach drove me to feel energized all over again. Time to myself and reflecting always helped me to think objectively about whatever dilemma I was facing. I always love coming back to the beach so much. There are so many things that can be said in silence. I feel like you can discover yourself by being alone. You feel part of the world because of the action and people around you, yet at the same time; it gives you a chance to realize how you need to be alone amidst the hustle and bustle. They say that no man is an island.

But I believe at the same time, that we need to realize that we cannot be alone, to realize that we need company indeed. There is always something new I chance upon when I go to the beach. I always feel the calm ambience; the winds that blow into my face energize and re-energize me again and again. The beach for me has always evoked a realm of authenticity to escape what we see daily, the concrete strata of urban development, capitalist spectacle and exploitation. We always have a yearning for a world different from the concrete pavement universe that most of us inhabit for most of our lives.

The beach represents escape, freedom, self-fulfillment, the Right Path. It represents the way our lives should be. Most people go to the beach on a holiday, and sadly it says something about us. That we let go of all the social norms, of our political beliefs, or how we normally act at the workplace, in exchange for who we really are. And literally, away from the office. But at the same time, it shows us that we need to let lose and let go. To allow ourselves even for a moment, to indulge ourselves in a seeming utopian place where we can just be. Oftentimes, when I find myself back at the beach again.

Wherever beach in the world it may be, it brings to me the thought at how they all look alike even if they are located in such geographically distant places. It makes me realize that serenity has only one face. It shows you that you don’t need much to feel at peace. It shows me how simple things like nature replaying the same movie, the same sunset and sunrise each day, can be different in its own way. Time always passes by so quickly when I am here. It seems both sad and enlightening at the same time. It never fails to amaze me at how every time I come to the beach I learn something new about myself.

It may be something I knew about myself all along, but I have forgotten and re-learned again. Or something that I never knew existed and being reflective I remove my earplugs as the sun begins to set and the day comes to another end. Reluctantly, I watch in awesome silence as the sun bursts into a myriad of colors as it slowly vanishes into the ocean. Another day is over, I have learned something new about myself all over again. And when I return, the same ocean will be crashing onto the sand, but I will have something more to know about the world and myself.

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