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Normal people

Mary, Did you know that Dawn was sick? She had a fever of 102 degrees and her urine was really in an unusual orange color. She will be going on her dialysis today and because of that I will give her lots of fluids to replenish her. After all of these, it will be time to go and cut her grass. I feel sorry for Dawn’s condition on so many levels. I have witnessed her work hard on the class that she was helping design with Kristin (I think that is her name). Actually, knowing her great potential upsets and makes me want to blame her parents all over again.

I mean Dawn works very hard in life but there are people who will not always give her a chance because she is not as smart as everybody else. So far with what she had accomplished in her work, I think she is doing well. Also, it would be better if Dawn teaches a class that she have designed instead using other people’s design. I wish that UWM would give her an opportunity to design a course and let her teach it in her own way. I think her students would learn the same things as from any ordinary teachers.

But Dawn has new and a lot of things to offer to this world. There were times that I correct her on the way she speaks but that is just my way of helping her improve for the better. I hope that you would not tell her that I am sharing any of this information with you. There were instances when I talk to Dawn given her condition of having brain damage; she sometimes had these tendencies to misinterpret what I am saying. This often led to misunderstandings. The reason I am mentioning this is because Dr.

Davis and I had a long talk this weekend about brain damage and how it can make people with this kind of condition feel bad about themselves and at the same time they can express their feelings without creating conflicts or arguments. This frequently happens when I interact with Dawn. When we have fights, she can’t seem to express herself if I use big words when I talk to her. Dr. Davis had also shared the same experiences with his son. I think I am lucky and thankful that I am normal. It must have been really hard for people to be living in this kind of condition.

I know that Dawn is smart in her own way. She can’t always express her emotions and we frequently do not help her with her difficulties. Dr. Dr. Davis had said that if you are not average or smart, there is really no place for you in this world because people do not want to deal people with brain damage or give them a chance to integrate in the society. I think that mentality was the main factor why Dawn decided to work during the third shift. Normal people just go through any work day without scrutiny.

But when Dawn works during the first or second shift, people tend to notice that she is not normal and smart like everyone else. However, she is currently being treated well in her work place compared to her previous jobs wherein she was questioned about her competency in doing her work. It is so amazing how a person like Dawn who does not how to speak and write well can still execute satisfactory performance in their jobs. I have never found someone so affectionate and down to earth as Dawn. I think her life is pretty unfair because she has to suffer this consequence even though it was not her fault.

Because of this, her opportunities in life are limited which is saddening because I know for a fact that she is a hard worker and that she can excel in anything that she wants. I am sorry for going on and on but I am really bothered about Dawn’s condition. Thinking about it makes me mad at her parents for doing this to her. Please let me know what you think about what I wrote. Mary let me know how things will be going on Tuesday. Ann is going to check on Dawn at 11 am. Just rest on Tuesday and have Dawn and Don get you what you need.

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