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Oppression in the Media

The media probably has the biggest influence on society because of the various forms that it can take including print, television, and radio. People are exposed to what the media has to say on a daily basis, which is why people behind it should be careful as to what they portray to the public. This is because the public has the tendency to believe what the media will say whether this is factual or not. If people are misinformed, there will be confusion, misunderstanding, and it more likely that conflict will arise. One of the negative things that the media can do is to marginalize something because they are biased.

The New York Times is one of the reporting groups in the United States that clearly has biased opinions regarding Palestinian women and their rights. It is felt that these women have no place in society and that they cannot function without the help of the men. They are being oppressed in the media by not giving them equal opportunities to let their voices be heard. There have been many times in the past, and even at this time, wherein the New York Times could have obtained the opinions of Palestinian women to include in their report. However, they chose to do the opposite.

There were also instances wherein little or incomplete information were included in the report, which is not enough for people all over the world to understand what these Palestinian women are fighting for. The fact that media has significant contributions to what the public will grow to learn and understand about certain issues cannot be stated enough. Reporting bodies should never be biased about anything because this will only bring about negative effects to the society. On the contrary, they should be truthful and accurate without doing injustice to anyone.

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