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Philosophy Essay

Bell Canada Enterprises (BCE) and Aliant form one of North America’s biggest regional telecommunications service providers. Michael Sabia says their customers will benefit from a team to be found near to their customers and concentrated on their specific regional needs and with a committed management team that combines the skills of Bell and Aliant, and with offices in Atlantic Canada, in Ontario and in Quebec. (www. cnw) What is the CSR strategy of the corporation? CSR strategy emphasizes guidelines and principles of managing ethics and conduct.

Managing their business responsibly requires a solid governance structure as well as policies, system and other tools that ensure understanding, consistency and throughout the organization. They promote an environment that fosters ethical conduct and is intolerant of any breaches. The conduct of directors, officers and employees of most Bell Canada Enterprises (BCE) companies is governed by an over-arching Code of business conduct. (www. bce. ca/). BCE subscribes to a variety of voluntary guidelines, standards and codes of practice.

Some of the more prominent ones include Global Reporting Initiative, a multi-stakeholder international initiative with a mission to develop and disseminate globally applicable sustainability reporting guidelines. Another one is Environmental Charter for North American Telecommunications, a set of sustainability principles developed and adopted by leading North American telecom companies. Their vision is to give to the well-being of society by enabling responsible economic growth, connecting communities and safeguarding the natural environment.

Their strategy is supported by their sustainability framework and a set of guiding principles. Their policies applied throughout the organization ensure that their guiding principles are followed. Through stakeholder engagement and their own internal processes, they monitor issues and opportunities, and set objectives. How is the CSR strategy implemented within the corporation? The CSR strategy of BCE-Aliant first, they believes that good corporate governance practices directly create and maintain shareholder value.

They stated that they are committed to protecting the interests of all stakeholders and are guided by this commitment in managing Corporate Responsibility issue. BCE has a board of director’s composed 16 members as well as four committees, responsible for corporate oversight and strategies. The board regularly reviews its structure, practices and composition. It also initiates changes to improve effectiveness. There are four board committees of BCE and Bell Canada, the Corporate Governance Committee(CGC), Audit Committee, Management Resources and Compensation Committee(MRCC), and Pension Fund committee.

(www. bce. ca/en/governancce) The responsibility for overseeing economic, environmental and social risk is divided among the Audit Committee, the MRCC and the CGC. Responsibility for oversight, implementation and audit of Corporate Responsibility policies also rests with these committees. The audit Committee reviews, reports, and where appropriate, provides recommendations to the board of directors on the Corporations’ risk management and environmental risks. The BCE board also approves the BCE environmental policy and environmental management system.

The mandate to review this policy and report on its application by the Audit Committee of the board. The MRCC oversees the corporation’s health and safety policies and practices. BCE’s Chief Talent Officer is responsible for implementing these policies. The CGC is responsible for oversight of the Corporations’ community investment policy. They implemented CSR through the board committees, while The Executive vice-President, Communications and Corporate Marketing, oversees the implementation of this corporate Social Governance strategy. Evaluation of the CSR Strategy

CSR strategy is very consistent for they maintain their ethical value of governance which guide their decisions and behavior and that make BCE- Aliant accountable to their shareholders. It is also consistent in determining the directors’ remuneration for Board and committee service and developing and overseeing a process to assess the Board Chair, Board committees, and individual Directors. The Corporate Executive Board provides best practices research, decision support tools, and executive education to a membership of the world’s leading corporations and not-for-profit institutions.

The international organization designated Bell a Best Practices organization in recognition of its work in content and knowledge management and they received CSR award for their mobile take-back program which accepts used mobile phones, diverting them from landfill by either reusing or recycling them. Some of the conflictive issues of CSR will never be settled as there will always be strong differences in people’s opinion on religious, social and legal issues. However, CSR is strongest in countries with developed capital markets.

People of different ideologies try to buy sufficient shares of companies in order to influence their behavior according to their notions of CSR, But to attract resources to their cause, they need to have a policy based on a list of actions deemed socially responsible. Reference Sabia, M. President and CEO of Bell Canada Enterprises(BCE) www. bce. ca/en/governance/codeofconduct www. bce. ca/en/governancce http://www. cnw. ca/en/releases/archive/March2006/07/c4695. html

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