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Philosophy of Counseling

The desire for pursuing counseling as a profession was initiated by my childhood experiences. I was brought up in an ethnic group which faced community prejudice and was excommunicated from the society. Furthermore, I became an orphan at the age of six when my parents were killed. Therefore, I have devoted my time to offer counseling services to other people especially children undergoing through the same paradigm I went through. a) The Art of Helping

I believe that counseling as a science is an art of helping people to solve problems that they are facing especially during crisis or facing change which maybe positive or negative. This art helps people to understand the circumstances that they are facing and therefore adopt behavioral traits which help them to overcome these issues. Through counseling people are also able to understand themselves and other people effectively controlling their reactions towards certain issues thereby appropriately deal with problems.

Furthermore, counseling offers support, advice and develops optimistic attitudes in people contributing to their personal development. In the end counseling services may heal certain disorders such as depression, stress, anxiety, post-traumatic symptoms, phobias and eating disorders among others (Corey, 2008). b) Aim of Counseling I believe that counseling services are offered to help people honestly discuss their problems openly without fear. Counseling services are also offered to help patients overcome issues that are affecting their ambitions thus curbing their development plans.

Furthermore, counseling services empowers patients helping them to accept their past experiences as part of their lives and come up with ways of overcoming them and preventing their future occurrence (Corey, 2008). c) How do I View Myself? I believe that the trauma I faced while growing up will be a part of my life that will never be erased or replaced with anything else. However, thanks to the therapy of counseling I can now view my life positively because I believe I have a purpose in life. Furthermore, I am likable, exhibit interpersonal skills, an active listener and flexible (Corey, 2008).

d) How Do I View Humans I believe that in our daily lives human beings are faced with problems and issues which pose positive and negative challenges in their lives. However, each human being responds differently to these factors some successfully overcoming them while some falling under their trap. Although these situations and their responses may be different all human beings have a tendency of denying help thus become susceptible to the negative impact of their problems for instance stress development therefore, counseling treatment therapy will vary from one person to another (Corey, 2008).

e) How Do I View Death I believe that death is a biological process that all human being will face in their lives. However, I have to admit though I am a counselor I have never fully accepted this fact and am psychologically affected when someone close to me dies (Corey, 2008). f) Ethical and Legal Concepts of Counseling I believe that counseling in an ethical and legal context should be confidential and safeguarding. Counseling professionals should be highly competent, committed and ready to use all the time required to heal their patients because counseling entails a process (Corey, 2008).

g) Needs of the Student/Clients I believe that the concept of counseling has been wrongly viewed because most people do not associate it as therapeutically. Therefore, students and clients need to understand the concepts of counseling before pursuing it as a career or seeking its services (Corey, 2008). e) My View of Culture, Gender, and Diversity in Counseling I believe that counseling as a therapy is highly affected by cultural practices as most of cultural beliefs are against these services.

Furthermore, counseling is associated with women thus preventing most men from seeking these services or pursuing counseling as a career (Corey, 2008). f) How Would I like to be remembered? I believe I would like people to perceive my counseling services as a mechanism of campaigning against ethnic discrimination and thus perpetuate justice. Word Count: 665 Reference List: Corey, G. (2008). Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy. 8th Ed. Bedford Row, London: Cengage Learning EMEA.

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