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Philosophy of life

I have worked in the retail furniture industry and in the real estate for more than seven years. After being out of school for seven years, I resolved that change is important in life. As a result of that, I have decided to rejoin college in order to advance in my career. All that I need in life is to be happy. I sat down and thought that it makes no sense to work hard for money, security and other material things yet end up being discontented. I figured out that happiness is essential since there is one life to be lived anyway. It is good to know that happiness in life relies upon the quality of thoughts.

To that effect, I decided to watch my thought processes more closely and to take care not to entertain some notions which can be of no virtue and unreasonable nature (Schlegel, 2010). It is not that money is not important in life or that people who choose money over other things do not live adequately but life’s goal or goals matter in the end. Success has become a key goal to some people than happiness. If people make money and other things to be their goals, they become so focused to meet those ends rather than the means. With this, they overlook the means to the end which may consist of happiness.

Discussion Most of us have created and lived to an assumption that every one is concerned about us. However, many are not ready to commit an infinite concern for any other person. The main problem is that many people are usually confused about their goals such that they end up owing commitment to several gods which normally conflict with one another. We have several inherent battles between what we desire, what makes us successful, be loved, acquire and maintain friendships, have security, good health and many others (Schlegel, 2010).

There is a lack of integration between our high held values which lead us to a constant uncertainty and anxiety (Khaaldan, 2008). The issue is that when one consciously decides to be more committed to a top value or an ultimate concern, it leads to an obvious inner peace. This creates inner happiness where by one can even manage to account for the happiness. It is obligatory to do so knowing that this will bring success to other important aspects in life (Khaaldan, 2008). One must start by being happy then seek happiness in things, duties and in others.

I have also realized that I owe myself the first priority knowing and not necessarily be selfish. The reason which led me to the idea of seeking happiness is that one day, as I was standing outside my house, I thought of how many people were living empty lives but had a yearning for satisfaction. Many of us spend our time stressed up and continuously tread disregarding what might happen in future. For example, how they will raise their children and work. However, I discovered that the only way to be happy in life is to begin doing things that make you satisfied.

These things might be small but make you contented with what you have. Having yourself is where you begin from. Many people neglect themselves thinking that it will be selfish of them to focus on themselves. To live a happy life requires some planning. This will happen by drawing up plans which reflect an inner character. All we need to avoid is fear that our dreams are unachievable and our goals beyond reach. My key goal is to be happy but this happiness is to be brought through interplay of several factors. These factors have to be identified, organized and planned. It requires me to have plans which will reflect my inner self.

I ought to be courageous and daring in order to realize my ultimate dreams have to be fulfilled. Having acquired a diploma course in marketing was not enough. I had to wait for extra seven years to raise enough money to cater for a higher diploma in the same field. It is very hard for one to be happy because happiness has to come bundled with other things. Happiness cannot stand on its own. It is like a skeleton and therefore needs to be reinforced by some flesh. Obtaining a degree in the field of sales and marketing, landing a better job, making money and then having a good family is the flesh. All is needed of to me is to have a good plan.

I know that time is the answer to everything but for me to utilize this time properly, there has to be good planning. This is why I had to take at least seven years before going back to college. I am quite sure that before I attain all these sub-goals it will take over ten years, but it can be halved with good planning. Therefore, my greatest obstacle to achieve this goal is not money but planning time. Before I attain enough education, get a job, have the money and raise a good family, I will require time and proper planning, but the key thing is planning. It is very easy for one to debilitate owns effort without any consciousness.

A bad plan can end a project even before the first step is taken. Planning in advance is very important because it discourages poor outcomes in a project. It is good to understand that time is there but it is usually limited. It is usually described as a precious commodity. It is challenging for me to wait for all these years, but for my case, patience is necessary. For the goal of happiness to come true I have to plan things one by one. I used to think that it is very hard to plan it is time consuming. If one can spend a few minutes in planning and at the same time drawing a plan, some future time is definitely saved.

It is important to trace the perspectives over details in a daily plan. There is also a tendency to think that planning ruins creativity. In the real sense it does not. Creating time through a comprehensive time management will assist one to be more creative. Therefore planning appears to be so formal and leads to creativity through good time management. Some feel that by planning, all what you have done will end up failing. Having discovered that planning could help in achieving my top goals, I decided to work out the list of priorities by starting with the one at the top.

This stopped the less important things appearing before the most important ones. These things had to flow in a hierarchical manner. I will try to stick to my plan as much as possible. If there are some interruptions I will always refer to my plan. Goal planning have assisted me build my own confidence by figuring out what direction am taking in life. It is also good to know that proper understanding of how you do things. For example, procrastinating can help one keep moving forward towards the goals and dreams and become the best you can be. There is no correct answer on how one can choose his goals.

There is an idea that goals need to be chosen but many have not pursued it. There are others who have never thought about their dreams in life or even what they would like to accomplish (Schlegel, 2010). For such people, I remind them to contemplate for some time, meditate about what is important in life, think about what you want people to say about you when you pass on, make a list of all the things that you would like to happen to you, all those that sounds good and wonderful to you and do not make your life goals urgent (Schlegel, 2010).

After setting my goals, I have come to come up with a clear way of trailing them. I came up with a clear format which will track goals. This will lead me to the key goal of happiness. I subdivided this form into a year, 5 years and ten years. Another thing that came to my mind is that I can set them both as long term and short term goals. One of my short term goals was completing a course within 2 years and getting a job within the first 2 months after school. After this, the other short term goal was to start my own family. My long term goal was to get happiness which would come after the other goals.

The most contradicting thing in my goal setting is that I cannot achieve my top goal without having other fulfilled these other goals. Happiness has to be brought by my education, job, money and a happy family. I may have education and lack a job, have a job and lack money, have money and lack family. Conclusion In life I came to realize that there are various ways of accessing what is good. First is by opening my heart and knowing exactly what I want. If there is no discipline in your dealings, one can use the power of the mind which gives intermittent results.

The second one is to have the thought of what you really want which should be clear (Schlegel, 2010). Get the principle that you already have the thing even if they are invisible. By acknowledging that, I have that happiness and surety that I will see it happen to me. I also believe in the power of spoken word. References Khaaldan, O. (2008). The philosophy of life: the meaning and purpose of life. Dakar: African Renaissance Schlegel, F. (2010). The Philosophy of Life and Philosophy of Language: In a Course of Lectures. London: BiblioBazaar.

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